Disappointments. Who doesn’t have one? It sucks. It hurts. It’s painful.

disappointed-guyTough to conquer but life will be boring without it. So while we’re at it, let’s make the most of it. Here are my lessons from the broken road:

  1. Love defies reason and emotion.
  2. In this life, you just can’t have it all.
  3. God – not Time – heals all wounds.
  4. Often, the best response is to let go.
  5. Know when to let go, let God, and let live.
  6. You’re not alone. Everybody has problems. Everybody.
  7. No one can save you better than the Savior Jesus Christ.
  8. There will always be questions that will remain unanswered.
  9. Emotions change so it’s not a good basis for long-term decisions.
  10. The most beautiful wildflowers bloom amid the harshest conditions.
  11. Besides love, the best gift you give to people is the benefit of the doubt.
  12. Even if you pray hard, prepare and execute well, some things will still go wrong.
  13. In tough times, other people’s opinion of you should be the least of your concern.
  14. Don’t be enslaved by your emotions. God is more powerful and bigger than your heart.
  15. Those who are truly strong know their weakness and knows just when to be weak.
  16. Turn your worries into prayers and see how God turn things around to your favor.
  17. What you think about yourself and what God thinks of you are what matters most.
  18. Careful with what you say, write, or do because there are things you can’t undo.
  19. If you must set high expectations, faith and action must also be in motion.
  20. You may often fail but you’re not a failure – it’s an event – not a person.
  21. Setbacks could be your needed detour towards your destination.
  22. Nothing and no one is a hopeless case to the Redeemer.
  23. Will you let disappointments make you bitter or better?
  24. Failure is neither fatal nor final as long as you’re alive.
  25. Some things are meant to happen…so let it happen.
  26. With God’s help, you can turn your scars into stars.
  27. Even if the world says so, it’s not always your fault.
  28. When all else fails…faith, hope and love prevails.
  29. You’re not god so stop trying to fix everything.
  30. Nursing your hurts will pester you to your ruin.
  31. People come and go in our lives for a reason.
  32. God makes everything beautiful in His time.

10 thoughts on “32 Disappointment Lessons

  1. Love, love this list but most of all I love numbers 3, 4 and 7!:) Amazing! You definitely put a lot of my sentiments into words.


  2. I stumbled on one of your articles because you commented on “mgakuwentonipedro”, and from that I started reading your blogs..
    very inspiring, very timely. may you continue to inspire people by your writings…


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