Let me count the ways…

Writing poetry was my high school hobby. That was when I also maintained a journal. When Friendster became a hit, I started blogging on September 1, 2005. Sharpening my writing skill there somehow helped me to be chosen as the Editor-in-Chief of our college’s first Alumni Yearbook.

Writing is a wonderful and worthwhile “journey” for me. In the process, I have travelled the deepest recesses of my heart and mind, while examining my life with the words I write.

Image from http://jerminix.com
Image from http://jerminix.com

Here’s the first part of a three-post series sharing my best practices in blogging…

  1. Begin with the end in mind – I think of a topic or title, something I feel strongly about or think of a lot at a given time, and are mostly related to the reasons why I write.
  2. Collect Ideas and Phrases – I strike while the iron is hot, with or without the Writing Muse, so even while traveling to or from work, I use my cellphone to write a few lines, or in my organizer. Then type my draft in a Word document when I get home.
  3. Research Facts – If I’m not familiar with a topic or want to get my facts straight, I research about it in Google.
  4. Research what an idiom/phrase means – Since English is not my first language, I often use Google too to search for “what does [a phrase/idiom] mean.”
  5. Use only One Photo/Image – Because I want all my blogs to be neat and concise, I only use one photo/image per post that is related to the topic, and not just to catch the reader’s erratic attention. If it’s not my own, I acknowledge its source in the caption.
  6.  Add more life to your post with a video clip – I use content from YouTube when necessary.

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