‎”Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”- Psalm 90:12

The world once again was shocked and saddened by the death of another legendary entertainment icon, Whitney Houston. Her legacy in the music industry, the songs she popularized and her battle with drug addiction will be forever remembered.


On the eve of my 33rd birthday, I wept.

As I sat on a bus on my way to work that night, I was staring at the bus TV showing an MTV of the band Michael Learns To Rock, concert clips of Stephen Bishop with his glasses on, playing his guitar while singing “It Might Be You” and Cliff Richard’s “Ocean Deep.”

Photo from http://camfer.org
Photo from http://camfer.org

At the closing of Mr. Richard’s song, he raised his right hand as the spotlight faded. Then a realization hit me: I just watched some remarkable moments of  artists who have now aged. Their youth, fame, and wealth will eventually fade away.

Like I always do, I prayed as I walk from UP Ayala Land Techno Hub area towards our building. My prayer was that of gratefulness for another year added in my life even though this year didn’t start that well. I asked God to help me accomplish the mission He has for me while working for my current company. I prayed for Him to guide me to live my life to the full while contributing to the welfare of my dear ones.

And then I wept while walking. Maybe because I didn’t have enough sleep that day and was really tired plus my heart just swelled with so much gratitude to God…

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