In my last thirteen days with my recent employer, HSBC, I recollected the lessons I learned there through my 13-day Facebook countdown posts:

Day 1: Even our best intentions can be misunderstood only because as humans, we often judge ourselves by our intentions or motives while we judge other people by their actions.

Day 2: Blind spots – don’t we all have them? True friends don’t only reveal them to you but they help you correct these too. Thank God for friends who help us grow.

Day 3: In some areas I want to lead while in others I want to be led. I’m likeably smart but I can also be oddly weird when I want to. Take me or leave me but I’ll grow where I’m sown.

Day 4: Variety spices up my life. Having friends from different walks of life widens my perspective, adds color to my personality, and makes me enjoy life more fully. You’re awesome, Lord, for giving me friends like these! Thank You! \o/

Day 5: How ironic! In an industry where talk = work, there’s a scarcity in deep, heart and soul conversations. Maybe due to time constraints or maybe because good companions are ought to be sought, often even pursued.

Day 6: There’s a blessing behind every challenge, a door of opportunity for each window that closes, a rainbow after the rain. Weeping may last for the night but His joy comes in the morning. In all these, I choose His higher and way better perspective.

Day 7: The joys in the journey is not only found in arriving at your destination, but in each moment: meeting new people, experiencing new things, being down and up again, loving-being hurt-loving again, often getting lost too…then reuniting one day with people you love most.

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Day 8: So long as we’re abiding with God, all things are bound for our good and to His glory as promised in Romans 8:28. There are no wasted moments including mistakes, problems, and pains. Everything can be used for His purpose.

Day 9: Great teams are not only built by skilled individuals but by their shared experiences and best practices.

Day 10: Wisdom is knowing what and when to say and do things as well as when NOT to say or do them. Know your part and know too when to let go and let God. Timing is everything.

Day 11: RESTRAINT. It’s not only in our clients’ bank accounts. I must have it too to manage my anger (and other feelings), words and deeds. Self-control is an art, a discipline, and a fruit of the Spirit. It can be learned.

Day 12: Do not be over-righteous, neither be over-wise—why destroy yourself? Do not be over-wicked, and do not be a fool—why die before your time? -Ecclesiastes 7:15-17

Day 13: My Countdown to Goodbye ends here. Farewell HSBC colleagues! I’ll surely miss the company of good friends there. I’ll reminisce with joy all the fun times, my personal triumphs and pains–up to the last minute of my striving to bloom where I’m planted. My journey with you ends here but I move on stouthearted…on to a brave new world!

True to my desire to leave a good legacy wherever I maybe at, I left a (hopefully) inspiring farewell email to my office mates there, treated three of my good friends for lunch at Pan De Amerikana – Marikina City, gave each of them a copy of “Our Daily Bread” devotional and my living testimonial/eulogy for them and vice versa.

I just love happy and memorable endings.


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