It’s hard to hide. It’s sandwiched in every feast of happiness. If not resolved, it eats away the life in daily existence, weakens the health of its subject and poisons his mind until the search for its cure becomes the sole motivation for every action, each passing day. This outburst of emotion may attack anytime and anywhere...Loneliness – the worst of all feelings.

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Few reasons causing this malady are:

  • shattered dreams
  • loss of income
  • accidents
  • betrayal
  • a broken vow of love

As the depressed loses control, he binges away, gets drunk and throws himself unconsciously into situations that only bring further desolation. He buys things that do not really make the pain go away. He does anything and everything just to make him feel known, needed, and loved: YouTube, Facebook, drugs, addiction, and pornography. He is, at best, helpless until he comes to his senses and surrenders.

The internet has surely made the world of 7 billion people smaller but it did not cure the problem of loneliness permanently. Virtual connections bridge isolated beings through Facebook, Twitter and other online social network but do not suffice the need for personal intimacy.

The power of loneliness can only be overcome by the power of God who placed a God-sized vacuum in the hearts of all so we may seek Him. Only He can lead us to places, people and resources that can help us, not only cure our loneliness, but to really enjoy life.

“A thief [Satan] is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I [Jesus] came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” – John 10:10 The Message


12 thoughts on “The Power of Loneliness

  1. This is so true. As I said in one of my posts: “Technology deceives us with a promise of easy living but actually crowds us with superfluous interests and forced us into hurriedness and exhaustion. People demand quick answers and dilemmas demand quick solutions. They force us to become more productive for pointless pursuits.”

    Whatever the world is offering us is not the solution – God is!


  2. Sorry about this lengthy comment:

    True. It doesn’t suffice people’s need for intimacy. In fact, it decreases any possible opportunity of it. I am an example, instead of communicating with my sister via the “classic” telephone, hearing her voice and all — I realized that a year had passed and I heard her voice only thrice!!!! But that doesn’t mean I didn’t communicate with her. Our communication thru our fb group (our family’s) floods our timelines. We were never outdated but to have not spoken with her for months????? It’s unacceptable!

    She was asking me how I was doing and I replied to her, “read my blog.” It’s the worst kind of relationship we’ve developed thru fb and the internet. Imagine she doesn’t have any friends? How can she when my mom required her to be online whenever possible, last I spoke with her, I told her get out of FB! Inasmuch as we’re present timeline wise, she misses us badly ending up crying all the time and getting depressed. It didn’t bridge the gap! It didn’t fill the void she’s been feeling. But at the end of the day, we tell her, being far from us is inevitable as she has to study in Pinas but you can always pray… Every question you have, God has answers. He will only be the one who could give you the comfort that we cannot provide. She attends Victory Service in Ubelt and sometimes in Ortigas, she sees to it that she never fails to attend because according to her, it’s one of the places that she feels at home to.. well what can I say? having people around you living for the same purpose? It surely would feel homey right?


    1. Hey Janis! Your comment’s length can actually be considered a blog post already. Haha! 🙂 Thank you for emphasizing my point and sharing a precise example. 😉

      I feel for your sister though. I hope she can be a part of a Victory Group whether in Victory Ubelt or Ortigas so she’ll have more church friends. 🙂

      Where is she staying by the way? I was just thinking if she’s anywhere near Victory Metro East area and she decides to attend church there, I can personally help her find a Victory Group.


      1. Hi, she’s around the UST area, but if she ever attends in Metro East, I’d ask her to find you. I am sure you could be of great help!

        So you’re from Victory Metro East! I am closer to you… actually, I have attended there once. Bishop Camara, your neighbor in Word International Ministries was the one who counselled us pre-wedding, he was the one who officiated it also.


    1. Yes, I go to church in Victory Metro East. Sige, let me know if ever your sister attends Victory Metro East and if she intends to be part of a Victory Group. But of course it’s still best if she commits in a church nearest where she lives or studies.

      Wow! You had a Christian wedding. 🙂


  3. Loneliness is something I know a lot about. My husband tours, and I live in a country away from my family and friends I grew up with. I was only an only child. I think it is typical of people of the 21st century to always look for a superficial “cure” for any ailment – and often not look at what was at the root. And often the loss or the pain that is at the root, can bring our attention to what we really need.

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