by  Dr. Arthur Caliandro 

-Excerpts from his book “Simple Steps: Ten Things You Can Do to Create an Exceptional Life”

I’ve noticed that people who accomplish a great deal know better than to keep hitting their head against the same high obstacles. They know that life’s goals area adaptable. They can change.

Positive change is not always comfortable. More often than not, it requires breaks in routines and familiar ways.

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More and more today, I encounter people who are empowering themselves to make midcareer changes and transformations—often involving considerable risk and sacrifice. The growth they achieve is usually greater than they could have realized by remaining stuck in repetitive patterns – another name for “ruts” – that were no longer moving their lives forward.

I know one woman, for instance, who enjoyed a successful career as an executive for several decades, but who then became a teacher. She describes this change as her “new lease on life.” And I know a man who went the other way. He left the teaching profession and became an executive at an advertising agency. He too, is elated at his life change.

As Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote, “One thing I’ve found out about this life is this. It’s not so much where we stand, but in what direction we’re moving.”

Embrace change. When we do, and the change is the right one, it’s like having the wind at our backs, filling us with strong energy. We can move our lives ahead again with confidence, and our lives become renewed and refreshed.


9 thoughts on “Keep Your Goals Flexible

  1. I love the notion that goals are not static in nature. That they adapt and change. Yet that we are most fulfilled and effective when we have a direction and move towards it. Oliver Wendell Holmes quote is right on point to illustrate this. Often my clients find themselves stuck in limbo – and when movement is restored to their lives the direction seem to self-correct!


  2. This is inspiring. I’ve been in the corporate world since I graduated but I know someday, I’d be able to teach.

    I am pro-change! I am not scared of it but in reality, in the past 2 yrs, I felt like my goals dwindled a bit and that the idea of change terrifies me. I know that it’s called playing it safe but others call it getting stuck.


  3. Janis – I believe we are taught to play it safe by school, parents, etc. And it is understandable how it can seem like the “sensible” choice. And then we wonder, what are we really here for? What is the purpose of our lives? To be safe and unfulfilled – or is there something more?


    1. You’re absolutely right! It’s always the feeling that there’s something more — and actually knowing that there is really something more! Then that question arises, what are we really here for? I for one had an idea about it, but it’s the fear of too many things that hinders me… and like what Adrian said, I am claiming the courage, grace and wisdom towards that path.


  4. @ Janis – I believe that if it’s God’s will for you to teach full time, it’s just a matter of time that you’ll find your way to your dream. And He will give you the courage, grace, and wisdom for you to journey towards that path. 🙂


  5. Beautiful post and i loved the pic too!! Very empowering…
    Indeed, life can never be static, n when it does, one can b very sure, its not amongst the best scenarios to be in!!
    And to live a life of ones dreams is the most satisfying feeling one can ever get.. its like being a flute, hollow enough to let the higher force flow through…
    Taking that chance, to dive into the possibility of creating a life of dreams is the most courageous step yet very fruitful..

    Loved your post Adrian!! Cheers,



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