It’s been awhile since I last blogged. I’ve been so busy with my new work and my writing muse has not yet adapted well to my new schedule. So here’s a treat…a combination of my poetry and photography. ;P

Journey to Oblivion

By Adrian Pantonial

Written: March 24, 1998 @11:15pm


The leaves of time have fallen and dried

And the warm sun has turned to eclipse

As the cold wind caresses my stoned heart

A flock of albatross takes flight


I entered a door lit by a gleam

And see the free dolphins merrily swim

I picked a rose leaving its stem

Holding it carefully like a precious gem


Suddenly, my sight begins to darken

Feeling the petals are slowly falling

With my fortune wing badly broken

From this moving earth I was standing


I journey the path into Oblivion

Unable to foresee what lies ahead

Hurriedly yearning for sweet reunion

Leaving scorned memories on my bed


Photos were taken at three different locations and different dates.  

Click any image below to enlarge the photo and launch WordPress’ Photo Carousel.


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