Starbucks, Figaro, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf are just few of the famous coffee shops I’ve been to so far where I enjoyed quality time with family and friends.

At the time I wrote the draft of this piece, it’s around 2:00 am. I just got home from three hours of mere no non-sense, no holds barred talk with a friend which I concluded in prayer at Starbucks Araneta, Cubao.

With my goal to lighten up my friend’s logical and emotional turmoil, I braved the traffic and the pouring rain just to be there.


What makes me spend more money at coffee shops? Is it just to have a taste of luxury like what other people say, or is it really a great hang-out place to unwind, especially for non-alcoholic drinkers like me? As an “urban monk,” these are my simple reasons:

  1. Special coffee and drinks They serve them hot or cold, with care, and in style, which you may not find elsewhere.
  2. Art everywhere – From the wall and furnishings’ color combinations, cups and glasses, tables, chairs and couches, creative lamps and reflected lights, coffee houses to me seem like a mini art gallery that’s why people love taking pictures while there.
  3. Delightful Music I have not yet gone to a coffee house that’s tuned in to an FM radio station as their house music. The places I’ve been to and loved always played a special collection of acoustic, bossa or jazz tunes. Maybe it’s the music playing on the background that helps bring out exquisite (and exotic talks) and makes the open “soul-surgery” smooth and easy.
  4. Interesting Mix of People – I love people watching. I observe total strangers in their preferred drink, dessert, gadget, book, fashion sense, the way they talk, their set of friends. All these show a glimpse of their personality and lifestyle.
  5. Magazines Galore – Private reading is allowed there unlike in some bookstores. I always take time to look at magazines whenever I go to these places to see photos of beautiful people, places and things. I study the way a photo is shot: its subject, angle, lights and all that.
  6. Long and Meaningful Conversations – It’s a place where I dissect a person’s life story, and I get to bare my own soul to my listener/s. It’s where our relationship is taken to the next level because of the venue where we share our laughter and tears.
  7. Ideas and Dreams Factory – Coffee shops are some of my favorite places where I share my ideas and hopes openly and comfortably because of its ambiance, and the quality of talk that could be had in this cozy environment. 

A coffee shop is one of those places where great thinkers and talkers converge.

How about you? What brings you to coffee shops?


5 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why I love Coffee Shops

  1. Loved this post Adrian 🙂
    Yes, It feels gr8 to be sipping classy coffee with sum gud music playing by, especially if there’s company of friends.
    Also, its like a relaxation.. I guess this is also what me pulls me towards coffee shops..To sit back n relax.. lazily sipping sum hot or chilled coffee.
    Also the seating and design in a coffee shop has that warm, welcoming feel that simply pulls you into it. ..It takes out the formal feel of any meeting creating more openness n ease.. I guess the coffee shops are designed completely to promote conversations..n I luv conversations n coffee 🙂
    gr8 post that i loved reading and replying to.. Keep writing Adrian 🙂


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