Jordan Fernandez texted last August 18, 2012 @ 11:55 a.m. >> “Clocks slay time…Time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; Only when the clock stops does time come to life.” – William Faulkner

Time and Letting Go
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REFLECTION: Time is just a number and only a concept of giving it a conscious thought. Time will always stand still but we can always choose to come to life or tick away.

I replied >> Time doesn’t go back. It always moves forward. Once gone, it never returns so we need to use it wisely. I aim to manage it well by living well with the things and people I love – not only for my good but for theirs too.

And I hold them loosely: time, people, and things. And I learn to let go — though it’s often painful. I let go and let God, the Great Timekeeper, to have His way in my life because He knows best…every single time.


13 thoughts on “Time and Letting Go

  1. Idle time – seeking fun
    seeking fun – getting off track,
    getting off track – hurting those in the way
    Hurting those in the way – sorry
    Sorry – letting go.
    letting go …freeing to the soul…


  2. Hi – have reblogged this – hope you don’t mind?
    Always interested in time and perceptions of it.
    Cluttering up your comments here with something quoted from two speeches from a character in one of my books:
    ‘Time is elastic. We have body clocks inside us, but they shift. They’re unreliable. You know the hour in the morning before work when you’re late and you’re trying to fit everything in, that hour is short? Yet, in the middle of the day, when you’ve an important date … and you’re stuck at work or somewhere else you’d rather not be, that hour is incredibly long. Our body clock gets screwed up and stretches it.’
    ‘A clock is a constant. Each one is different, each has his own idea of time, but he’s unbending, unremitting. He doesn’t care if you’re preparing for work or a lover. His labour is continuous and like a faithful servant, he plods his way through the day, blinkered, tunnel vision-ed.’

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      1. Oh, I am sorry sorry to disappoint you, but it is not published. Currently out in the ether so keep your fingers crossed, but if nothing happens it will end up on Kindle.
        Yours was a lovely post, I was honoured to reblog.

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  3. wow!time doesnt go always moves forward..this is a timely reminder for me that i should move on with God on my side.God bless you brother


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