Sept. 2, 2012 @ 8:19am A Friend Texted >> “To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.”-Proverbs 21:3

What is right? What if the only right thing to do is to sacrifice the thing that makes you happy? The only thing that matters to you most. The thing that makes you feel alive. The only thing that makes you who you are.

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I replied >> “Consider the story of Abraham who offered Isaac whom he waited for so many years to be born in the Old Testament when God tested him.

Consider JESUS, God’s only Son, who sacrificed on the cross for our sins, for us to have a life that’s full.

Dying to self, carrying our cross daily…that’s Christianity.

My friend replied >> “Ang hirap, hirap na, Kuya Adrian.” (It’s very difficult now, Big Bro Adrian.)

I replied back >> “I know [Friend’s name]. Until now, even for me it’s hard. But God’s grace is made perfect, makes us strong when we’re weak.

Because of our sinful nature, what we believe will make us happy may actually lead to our ruin. God – who knows our past, present, and future – knows and wants what’s best for us too.

In our daily acts of surrender and repentance, He makes something more beautiful than we could make for ourselves. Weeping may last for a night but joy comes in the morning.

You’re not alone in this journey of faith, [Friend’s name]. We’re all in this together. I’m praying for you. 😉

Transforming Weakness to Strength

I texted again >> “As we triumph in our challenges by God’s help, He eventually makes our area of weakness to become our strength. Our source of lessons and inspiration to be a blessing to others. See 2 Corinthians 1:3-6.

Smile, [Friend’s name]. God’s love is greater than any other loves His mere creatures can offer. 🙂


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