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August 17, 2012– We went back to QMMC for Nanay’s (Mom) first check-up after we went out from confinement last August 10, 2012. The doctor ordered for her abdomen skin staplers where the mass was taken to be removed (few sutures remained).

The next day, Nanay took a bath in the morning and that afternoon as she sat in our sofa watching the TV, part of her intestine (the length of my hand) came out of that open wound. Because we didn’t have hand gloves at that time, while in shock, I hurriedly washed my hand with soap and water, and manually inserted that part of her intestine back to her tummy.

August 27, 2012 - Nanay thanks my Family of Brothers for their Giant Get Well Soon Card and Bouquet of Flowers
August 27, 2012 – Nanay thanks my Family of Brothers for their Giant Get Well Soon Card and Bouquet of Flowers

That night, we rushed Nanay back to the hospital and again, I did a text barrage requesting for prayer from my relatives and church friends.

August 19, 2012 – Nanay was again confined at the Female Surgery Ward of Quirino Memorial Medical Center.

The doctors said that part of the reasons why that happened was because of Nanay’s old age and her malnutrition, although we initially thought that the skin staplers were removed prematurely and that the doctors in her surgery were to be blamed.

It was more difficult the second time around being in the same hospital. Another 13 days ensued with God’s guiding love and faithful provision. The bond between me, my mother, brother and the rest of my family has gotten really stronger through it all. And throughout our crisis, true friends were revealed and we never felt more loved, helped and blessed until this test of faith came.

My Facebook statuses about Nanay were well-responded to and she had the most number of visitors in our hospital ward. I had to make arrangements at work so that my absences will be considered as vacation leaves and had to stay with Nanay within that almost two weeks in the hospital because my brother’s vacation leaves were already used up. 

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