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August 31, 2012 – On the night of our 13th day confinement, we were discharged out of the hospital with a mix of bad news.

With her lungs already affected by the cancer cells that metastasized, the doctors said Nanay has only three to five years more to live even with the help of chemotherapy.

We continue to believe though that God can extend her life to many more meaningful years with our family. 


Each day now, as I change the gauze on Nanay’s abdomen wound which now heals and closes by itself (no more surgery stitch needed – Praise God!), we pray for continued healing for her and for blessings to overflow in the lives of the people who prayed for her and and those who helped us in our time of need. 

I don’t understand why God allowed another 13 days of a similar trial but this much I know… 

  1. There’s always a brighter side to dark times. Keep looking. Look harder or look up!
  2. Why worry when it doesn’t add any good to tough days? Be prayerful and have faith instead for the big difference it makes.
  3. When given a generous serving of trials, don’t complain. God doesn’t owe us anything. Actually, we owe Him everything.
  4. When you can’t dance for joy yet, learn to enjoy bits and pieces of it in the small stuff of your daily routines.
  5. For every opportunity to complain, there lies an opportunity to give thanks to God. Choose to live grateful.
  6. There are times when resisting against what’s happening won’t help. Why not give in instead so you can respond better?
  7. In manners of affection and appreciation, showing – not only saying – is better received.
  8. When you do something with love, it gets easier and your service gets better.
  9. Words, when used carelessly, can crush someone’s hope.
  10. There’s already too much suffering in the world. One heart can only hold so much sorrow.
  11. Lightening someone’s burden is a sure way to be close with that person.
  12. Health is wealth. Take care of your health now. Don’t wait for illness to make a run for your wealth.
  13. God is a Turn-around Specialist. He turns our mourning into dancing and bad situations to best!

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