At least once-a-year, I help in charity works with institutions for the less fortunate. This time it became more special for me because I did it with my friends from our Family of Brothers, my Victory Group network, at Victory Metro East.

Me and My Victory Group Friends at Child Haus Foundation

My friend from the same church, Jill Zarate, invited me to share the Word on her birthday celebration at Child Haus, a temporary shelter for young cancer patients, or kids with other dreaded diseases. 

She asked me to use a butterfly-themed presentation so I made my own story inspired by Max Lucado’s “Hermie the Common Caterpillar.” It was quite challenging for me because I came from night shift, then and I had to keep my energy level high because interacting with kids usually requires that.

The story I shared and a sort-of-monologue (my happy friends participated in some parts) evolved around the theme of Ecclesiastes 3: 11 with the memory verse that we recited together: “God made everything beautiful in His time.”

Jill’s family and friends, who gave generously for the food, toys, and give-aways in this charity work, including my set of friends, had a great time sharing our love, serving and having fun with the kids and their guardians there. Surely, this will not be the last time we’ll go there.

Photos are from Nathan Leis’ camera. Few photos are from Mark Jonathan Gabiana. Click the image to enlarge and view in black.

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