by Adrian Pantonial

  1. Adrian Pantonial’s

This year has been the toughest for me physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Nanay was confined twice in the hospital and we found out that she now has Colon Cancer Stage 3 after not being able to complete her post-surgery chemo therapy for her Breast Cancer detected in 2009. Even without the health card from my company yet, as I was not yet a regular employee at that time, God amazingly provided for all the medical procedures and medicines needed.

After about a month of confinement, we came out of the hospital with a mix of sad news from the doctors that Nanay only has 3 – 5 years more to live with the help of chemo therapy but we are believing God can extend her life beyond these years because He is a God who still makes miracles.

Despite this, my Single Men Victory Group (VG) which I began in Victory Metro East in 2010, has grown into five (5) other VG’s this year alone and we now call our VG network…”Family of Brothers (FaBros).” 

Family of Brothers' (FaBros) 1st Christmas Party 2012. A Victory Group for Single Men which I started in 2010 at Victory Metro East grew to five (5) other VG's this year alone. How amazing God's love and grace truly is!
Family of Brothers’ (FaBros) 1st Christmas Party 2012. A Victory Group for Single Men which I started in 2010 at Victory Metro East grew to five (5) other VG’s this year alone.
How amazing God’s love and grace truly is!

God also provided for our house renovation with more money than I prayed for since 2003. Our house renovation is not yet completed but we rejoice in how amazing He works in difficult situations.

 2.     Milo Garcia’s

Milo started attending Victory Metro East after attending Chinky Tan’s financial seminar last year and was plugged to our Victory Group.

Since last year, he never told his parents that he’s attending a Christian church for fear that they will question his new-found faith. Until one Sunday this year, with boldness and faith, he invited his Mom and Dad to our church. They were blessed to be at our service that they were even able to participate in our SPA Couple’s Retreat.

In his workplace, he was endorsed to take a trip in the U.S. for training. Excited and with our Victory Group’s prayers, he went to the U.S. Embassy only to be disappointed that he did not pass the interview. His hope was crushed.

God is not done yet though because when the news reached his Supervisor and Bosses in the office, they still decided to endorse him for an out-of-the-country training, hassle-free, with all expense-paid, two-week trip to Dublin, Ireland! He’s now promoted to the next level status from his previous work designation.

3.     Dhenn Mark Espiritu’s

It was February 2012 when I saw Dhenn’s blog in WordPress with a Victory Metro East logo in it so I inquired if he’s already part of a Victory Group. I found out that he’s not yet connected because as he said, he’s shy to approach anyone for this. So I invited him to be part of my Victory Group.

This year alone, he went through One-2-One, Victory Weekend, Making Disciples Training and Training for Victory, was able to invite his family members to church and now leads his own Victory Group of Single Men with a much better paying job and in a multi-national company.


My FaBros VG bro and close friend, Manny Demegillo, made an awesome videoclip, uploaded in YouTube, of our VG’s story in photos here: 


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