Dedicated to all who have considered suicide to end their problems, and to all who did it like Kristel Tejada, a U.P. college student whose suicide raises reflection on tuition policies.

We’re all broken, you and I. We all have wants and needs, flaws and blind spots, dashed hopes and broken dreams. We all long to be deeply understood and liked and loved. We all have unfinished businesses, to-do’s, and must-have’s. But far too often we hide our brokenness in the process to present the better version of ourselves.


We feel needy. Seldom, even empty. Incomplete. With all our personal and professional issues. With all our problems in our relationships and careers. With all our longings and lingering concerns. We’re all broken, you and I.

Too Scared To Be Real

  • We tend to get too scared to show who and how we really are beneath our perfect facade.
  • We’re scared to share our fears and frustrations.
  • Or scared to show how badly we hurt.
  • Or how badly we try to make things better.
  • We’re scared for others to see that aspect of our lives that’s ugly.
  • We’re scared to show that we too fail, often in our self-imposed standards.
  • We’re scared as a child in the dark, with the kind of fear that makes everything seems so real.

We’re all broken, you and I. We’re scared to let it all out because we don’t want others to turn their backs on us. We don’t want to be left alone. But in the process of hiding, we actually choose to be alone. Broken and isolated and alone.

Brokenness Is A Gift

Unwittingly, our fears cripple us and making people see us as if we’re okay when in reality, we are not. We need to be appreciated and respected and loved. So we are lured to project perfection. But all we really are, here and now, is a work-in-progress. And brokenness is an immense, intense, and essential part of it.

When we show our brokenness – that we’re not fine all the time, that we’re not always strong enough, not always right enough – we show our vulnerability.

More likeable.

More special.

More human.

When we show that we, too, can mess up big time, people tend to treat us with care.

We all have issues, don’t we?

And when we show that we’re aware of our brokenness while in the process of becoming better, we treat others better, and vice versa. Love begets love. Love builds and makes us whole.

In knowing our brokenness and asking for help, we are in a far better position of becoming the best we can be.

We’re all broken, you and I. And we need God to turn things around and make it all right for us.

Because we can’t have it all.

Because we can’t do it all.

Because we can’t bear it all.

Because we are not God.

God is love. Only God who loves us unconditionally and sees us in all our brokenness, can make us whole. Our Loving Maker knows our past, present and future along with all our wants and needs, flaws and blind spots, dashed hopes and broken dreams.

We’re all broken, you and I. But God can make us whole. Only God can make us whole. Nothing else and no one else can ever do.

Question: What do you think drives people to commit suicide?

11 thoughts on “We’re All Broken, You and I

      1. It will be read. Sana wala nang makaisip nang ganoon. Hey, hey, I’ve read may Victory group ka po, Nagvivicory church din po ako. Dito sa Manila. U-belt. 🙂 Amazing. 🙂


  1. I’m blessed to have God in my life during my brokenness.. Thanks to your post I should’ve listened to God’s promises more. I really need this random thoughts for my heart’s healing progress. God bless you!


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