Can you relate to any of this, or something like it?

  • You want to join that trip with friends but just can’t for some reason
  • You want to have something because you need it but just can’t because it’s not yet the right time or place
  • You want to become someone but you’re just not there yet and there are no shortcuts going there


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We all want to be successful or at least want more in certain aspects of our lives, for different reasons. In our wanting for more, some of us may become too aggressive that we’d do whatever it takes – and by all means – just to achieve our preferred goals. Though doing so doesn’t always guarantee ideal consequences.
Keep Your Focus Or Get Lost

Sometimes when our focus is on something or someone else, we fail to appreciate what we actually have that others don’t.

Sometimes when our focus is too much on the future, we lose the right focus that we need in our current season.
–       We tend to blame either ourselves or others for our unwanted plight.

–       Or we can be so discontented that our desperate attempts to have more eventually makes things worse, making us feel worse too.

–       We may become vain or bitter and unhappy.

–       We may get so caught up in living for the future that we no longer enjoy what and who we have here and now.

The reality is that no one has it all.

Every single one of us has at least one aspect in our lives that we don’t like or even loathe about. And sometimes those who seem to have it all actually have more responsibilities, more challenges, and more complications that we just don’t see from a distance.

If our need for more is  not anchored in proper values and perspective, our desired reality may lead to disgusting ruin.

May we gain the inspiration, grace, and joy living thankful and contented in the now learning from Jesus who endured the Cross that He didn’t deserve, so we may live a life to the full.

Our God may not call us all to be successful based on our definition of success but he does call us to be faithful in the little things right here, right now. So we could eventually, sooner or later, have more…in His time and in His ways.

Question: How about you? How do you become contented?


8 thoughts on “When You Want More But You Only Have Less

  1. When I get to know Jesus I’ve learned to be contented more of what I have than things that I wanted. I could really say having God alone can fill me entirely of things that i dreamt of before. Thats right lets remain in him and he will put everything into its right perspective.


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