Some people think that studying the Bible and living for God is boring. That’s not true…especially if you’re doing it in a Victory Group setting. It’s actually a Bible Study++!

A Victory Group is where we talk about life issues and deal with them in God’s way. Here, we study the Bible and its practical applications to our daily life. We meet regularly for only an hour once-a-week. 

There are Victory Groups for men and women in different life stages: kids, high school, college, single, married, senior citizen etc.

We meet at restaurants, fast food chains, coffee shops, offices, and even homes all over Metro Manila.

If you want to be part of a Victory Group, click here.

The turning point of my life started when my father died in 1995 and I took on his responsibilities even while I had so many questions about life (read my life testimony here). My life began to change more for the better when I surrendered it to God as I started attending in Victory Quezon City in 1999 and began attending a Victory Group in 2000.

In 2003, when my then Victory Group Leader-turned-Pastor, Richard Lee, got married, he entrusted me to lead my own Victory Group along with my long-time friend, Jeff Moyamoy. Together, with God’s grace and love, we discipled Single Men and were happy seeing their lives transformed as they live out God’s Word.

After nine years (and counting), I still honor God and make disciples by leading a growing Victory Group, my Family of Brothers (FaBros). Through the years, I’ve observed these 12 Benefits of Being In A Victory Group:

  1. You grow your relationship with God
  2. You gain a higher perspective on things
  3. Your character is developed as you apply biblical truths that you learn from Victory Group.
  4. Your attitude toward life in general improves
  5. You become a better person as you hone your relational and communication skills
  6. You learn to deal with life’s challenges well
  7. Your network of influence and support expands
  8. You get to know more true friends, or even like having a second family outside your home
  9. You get to go to places and events where you could not have gone to on your own
  10. You get invited to charity works and learn social responsibility
  11. You are encouraged to volunteer your time helping others, adding value to their life
  12. You are able to live life to the full with God’s help and your Victory Group

I am still a work-in-progress and my life is not perfect but I get inspired seeing answered prayers, financial breakthroughs, career growth, changed lives and families  – that’s why I still am a part of a Victory Group and leading one myself.

Question: If you’re now part of a Victory Group, are these things true with your group? Can you think of other benefits not mentioned in this post? 🙂

Here are some photos of what happens on a regular Sunday in our FaBros Victory Group. Click the image to enlarge and view in black.

Chime in and comment.

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