by Adrian Pantonial

Lord, in this difficult season I pray, please keep me still focused in doing Your will.

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Please keep me away from people, situations, things, thoughts, and feelings that will distract me from accomplishing the purposes You have for me in this season.

Though these burdens maybe heavy, may no other burden be heavier for me than doing what You called me to do. Please help me to be still and know that You are God in my challenging circumstances.

I cast to You all these burdens. But whether You take them away or leave them with me, by Your grace, I will come through. With You here always with me, I will shine through. Your life-changing love will see me through.

Grant me, oh God, the grace to trust You more even if I don’t understand or like what’s happening in and around me. I believe You are doing something beautiful in the wreckage of my life here and now.

Even if I stumble or fall, You keep sustaining me through it all. You are carrying my cross in my roughest of days. And You will never leave me, Lord, of this I’m sure.

So no matter what the cost, I count them all as lost. If only all these things – good and bad, trials and triumphs, joys and pains – will all lead me to the glory of Your cross, I will abide by You no matter what it takes…for the glory of Your cross.


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