God always answers our prayers with “Yes,” “No,” or “Wait.” And we can be sure that God answers our prayers that are according to His will. The Bible in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 encourages us to: “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

While we cannot manipulate God to answer us in all that we ask for, it is still certain that prayer does great wonders. The power of prayer is not on the “prayee” (person praying) but on the One who hears it.

Pray without Ceasing

When we are in a situation where we cannot do anything, God can surely do something about it when we pray (Matthew 19:26). When there seems to be nothing we can do for, or give to a person, praying is the best way we can help.

Though His answers may not be in the form of exactly what we pray for – because His ways are higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:9) – we can trust that His ways are always far better than ours.

It’s always a win-win deed to pray. Prayer helps advance God’s purposes on earth, and prayer is our way of lifting our daily concerns to God.

While going away in a quiet place to pray is a great and sacred thing to do, we can still pray as we go through our daily routines because God is everywhere. So for busy people, here are other ways to pray, on how and when we can pray every day… 

  1. While still being cautious of your surroundings, you can pray in your head when commuting, especially if you are not driving.
  2. Allot specific day and time for groups of people you would like to pray for. (Ex. Sunday 10pm – Family, Monday 10pm – Pastors and Church Staff)
  3. Stop and pray when someone texts you, especially if the text is a prayer concern
  4. Pray for people when you read about their Facebook wall post
  5. Look at your family or friend’s photo (hard copy or even in your cell phone) as you pray for them
  6. Pray for the person you’re waiting for in an appointment or a meet-up
  7. Pray for someone when you hear a song that reminds you of that person
  8. Pray before you read a book, even if it’s a non-religious, so that you can apply the truths there in your life, and for you to impart some knowledge there with other people
  9. You can say “breath or arrow prayers” while waiting in long queues at the grocery counter or at the bank and the likes
  10.  Pray for people after you do your daily quiet time or devotional with God 

And one more bonus tip, you can also spare a prayer for online bloggers (like me!) so that we may always write what is right.

Have a good and godly day! 😉

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10 thoughts on “10 Ways to Pray for Busy People

    1. That’s true! They’re called “breath prayers” too because they’re short and direct-to-the-point prayers. Some people call them “arrow prayers” too. God bless you more, Cheesecake! 😀


  1. ako rin i-bless nyo, hehe. ang #s 1,4,10 at ang bonus tip ay madalas kong gawin. Minsan inaabangan ko pa ang araw kung kelan may mahaba akong byahe na naka-commute, dun kasi ako nakakapagdasal, maliban sa araw ng pagsimba tuwing linggo. 🙂


  2. Most of the items are my ways of praying. Whenever I get the chance when somebody ask me a prayer I do it right there and then like even during commuting, a long cue, a text message asking for prayers, FB chat or post and before I start to work or before I hold a huddle to my team.

    Sa Fabros I tried Prayer over FB Chat and Text Message.

    Praying for you now, bro. May God give you more wisdom, knowledge and the holy spirit be upon you. May the holy spirit work with you as you go along with writing articles that inspire people because of Gods greatness. Amen!


  3. Kailangang-kalingan ko nito right now. Salamat sa pagpapagamit para maipadala ang mensahe na ito sa akin, at sa lahat ng busy ngayon. Hehehe! Pagpalain Bro! Namiss ko tumambay dito =)


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