by Adrian Pantonial

The leader always sets the trail for others to follow.

In today’s fast-changing world, a new breed of people is needed more than ever. People who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, spearhead something new, and are committed to a worthy cause.

The world is always on the look-out for something fresh, something that will make them come alive or something that will sustain them during hard times. The world is in need of leaders who will dare to start a distinct mark and will be steadfast to carry it on to completion.

Everybody is a leader because every one has the potential to be great in their respective field. There is no role so lowly that he or she cannot make an impact, nor serve in their best capacity.

John Maxwell, a leadership guru, said that the principles of leadership are universally constant, though its applications may vary. It means that one leadership principle can be applied in various ways depending in what area of society you’re at or what kind of people you have in your sphere of influence.

As I share these leadership traits, I challenge you to think how this relates to you or how you can grow towards becoming the best leader you can be.

L – LearnerLife is a continuous learning process. As we grow in learning, the people we lead also grow with us. There’s so much to learn but what makes a difference is how we apply what we learned.

E – EducatorThe late Ernie Baron said, “Knowledge is Power.” It still rings true today and always. Leaders also serve others by sharing what they know to initiate something or make something better. One nugget of wisdom shared can go a long way in a person’s life.

A – AchieverWe are leaders because we have had some sort of achievement, whether big or small. Let us never rest on our laurels and never stop achieving because everywhere suffering is still prevalent in different aspects.

D – DeveloperIt takes time to initiate and finish something but with the help of people you develop, Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). This requires a lot of love, passion, and perseverance.

E – Encourager – I do my best to be encouraged daily by starting each day reading God’s Word and praying, then reading something that would add value to me and those I lead. We cannot give what we do not have and so we can only encourage others as we overflow with encouragement in ourselves.

R – ReaderYes, it’s hard to read because it’s solitary, it requires time and discipline. But great leaders are great, voracious readers. Reading books is one good way to learn from great men and women with whom we’ll have no chance of meeting in person. Reading will expand our intellect and creativity that will expand our horizons eventually.

Every area of society needs leaders. Every family, community, school, organization, church, company and nation is in dire need of leaders who will make a good difference for the long haul. We all need leaders who will be heroes.

Leaders are called to become catalysts of positive change, that happens one life at a time. Let’s start it with ourselves, ok? 😉

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