People write blogs to be heard (read), inspire action, or to serve for a cause. Today’s information-overloaded world also produced way too many blogs. So be thankful if your blog is read (Thank you!), and show you’re grateful by honoring your readers.

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Here are just a few suggestions: 

  1. Write quality contentContent is king. Your blog may have a nice layout or impressive graphics; but if it’s not worth reading, it will seem like just another beauty without brains. 
  2. Write to serve your readers, not just to share your life detailsSo you wrote journals in high school, or wrote diaries way back. The reality now is what you write online in your room can be read elsewhere in the world. So blog to serve readers, because it’s not all about you. 
  3. Include related postsSince you blog to serve, go ahead and include your related posts to help your readers find the information they need. It will also help you review your earlier posts, and see if they needed further editing. 
  4. Provide readers with easy navigationJust as there are way too many blogs online, there exists way too many ready-made blog themes too. So find one that suits, not only your preference, but your readers’ needs too. Feel free to customize your theme to add your personal touch, and serve your readers better. 
  5. Activate your Recent Comments section – Your readers comment on your posts not only to share their insights and see their cute profile photos (or gravatars) but also to have a chance for others to read their blogs too (if any). Putting up your Recent Comments section in your sidebar will show you appreciate their comments. And they will come back to your blog like repeat customers. 
  6. Reply to readers’ comments and engage in the conversationBlogging is communication but it will only be completed with the author’s participation in the comments. Readers will appreciate if you reply to their questions in the comment section. That’s customer service too. 
  7. Read, comment on, and/or follow their blogs too (if any)Twitter has made the word “follow” famous. The protocol there is if someone follows you, you are encouraged to follow them too. If your commenter is also a blogger, it will be courteous to return the favor by visiting their blog, commenting on their posts, or following their blog. 
  8. Put their blog links on your blog rollOr put a page specifically for your blogger followers. Again, because people write blogs to be heard (read), inspire action, or to serve. Seeing links to their blog on your site will make them gush. 
  9. Show how many followers your blog hasThis is neither to flaunt how many followers you have, nor to remind readers that your blog is worth following. This is to make your followers feel that they’re part of your growing tribe who’s making a difference, and encourage first-time readers to follow suit. 

Blogging is also another form of customer service. Inasmuch as the blog is initiated and developed by the author, its purpose is to serve its readers. While we can be creative coming up with awesome blog posts, let us also endeavor to be creative in honoring and serving our readers.


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9 thoughts on “9 Ways to Honor Your Blog Readers

  1. Great list here. Just focus on making your blog the best experience for your audience. Anything you can do to improve this experience, do wholeheartedly. And anything that inhibits this experience must be eliminated!


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