Now and then it’s good to do something unplanned. Although I’m a true-blue planner, it’s important for creatives like me to do something with flexibility and spontaneity every so often.

In my one-month ministry leave, I decided to do some things that are not part of my daily routine so I could loosen up a bit (I actually need to loosen up some more). To do things and trips that are not part of my to-do list. My overnight trip to Baler, Aurora did therapeutic wonders to my wanderlust.

The Adventure Begins

After coming out of work one Saturday at 12:30 am, I went straight to Genesis Joy Bus Terminal in Cubao for our 2:30 am departure. The executive coach ride of Genesis for Php 700 per person delivered its promise for a non-stop five-hour, comfy travel straight to Baler (Book in advance at Phone#s: 709-0545, 441-6834).

With my travel buddy, Peter, a former Victory Group member from Victory Quezon City, we frolicked around Baler, maximizing our budget for this adventure trip.

Because Gerry Shan’s Place for Chinese and Seafood delicacies is still closed when we arrived in Baler at around 8:00 am, we ate at the equally blog-famous Rolling Stores, small carinderias with home-cooked food.

Then we walked around Sabang Beach to look for a place to stay for the night. There were a lot of places to choose from, but most of them were occupied due to the long weekend. We found a good deal at Amihan Aplaya Lodge for only P400/night in a farm room.

Enjoying Baler

After fixing our things, we went to explore Museo De Baler and Aurora Quezon’s House at donation-basis entry; and only a stone’s throw away, the most talked-about Baler Catholic Church. There’s an option to go to different places in Baler for around Php 600, but we chose to do it on our own. Anyway, we don’t have to go everywhere because we’re only there for an overnight trip.

Around 3:00 pm when we decided to go for the wave-surfing that Baler is known for. It’s an awesome first-time experience learning the basics of surfing and actually gliding the friendly waves for only Php 300 per hour (it’s supposed to be Php 350. Hehe!).

Another highlight of our travel was our buffet dinner at Gerry Shan for only Php 185. I only had two plates while my friend had four (That’s gluttony!).

We ended the night with a devotional and prayer time.

Going Home In A Different Way

Going home the next day, we rode Genesis’ regular aircon bus for Php 450 to also enjoy the stop-overs and take photos of some scenic routes. 90% of the bus commuters consist of people within our age bracket 20’s to early 30’s.

We concluded our eventful weekend by visiting my “spiritual roots” and attended the 7:00 pm church at Victory UP Diliman – GT Toyota Center.


Baler, Aurora, surfing your waves did not scare me…I shall return! (Click an image to enlarge and view in black.)

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