In Victory’s second week of “Proof” series, my appreciation for a life of purity with God’s grace was taken further as I was awed (and awakened) by Pastor Dawny Perez’s preaching at Victory Metro East’s 9:00 a.m. church service yesterday.

I’m not a morning person (I have trouble waking up early) so I was late to church (but on time to hear the whole preaching). I was kind of sleepy going there but the way he delivered God’s message really struck me to the core.

Pastor Dawny Perez passionately preaches at 9:00 a.m. church service of Victory Metro East
Pastor Dawny Perez passionately preaches at 9:00 a.m. church service of Victory Metro East

I learned (yet again) that all the things we do to avoid sinning (fill-in the blanks with your most-hated yet oft-committed sin) are nothing compared to our committed reliance to Jesus Christ’s work, who is grace Himself personified.

Without God’s grace, we cannot…

  1. Love and serve those hard-to-love people (ourselves included)
  2. Grow in Christ-like character
  3. Love our work and do it excellently (and consistently) to please God and not just men
  4. Remain faithful to someone we’re in a relationship with
  5. Live with integrity and radical honesty wherever we are, even when left alone
  6. Stand and fight for our convictions
  7. Forgive others and move on
  8. Succeed in life the right way
  9. Change ourselves and our situation
  10. Influence others to do what’s right
  11. Be at peace and comforted when tough times come
  12. Lead our family well (or those who follow us)
  13. Live life to the full

Surely these are just a few things we can’t do without God’s help. So with our Pastor’s admonition, let us cooperate to God’s work in us and live a life that honors Him…the Giver of our everything.


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