I read this book last year and wrote these excerpts on my 2012 Starbucks Planner. I’ve been wanting to  share this with y’all, but only had a chance now (sadly, I procrastinate too). Funny there were parts of my own handwriting which I hardly understood. Haha!

I borrowed the book from a church friend so I had to write these to perpetuate its meaning in my life. Of course, I cannot highlight my favorite parts of that book, like I always do on my own books.


In my quest to affect positive change in cyberspace, here without any further ado, are the best parts (for me) from Patrick Morley’s book “The Man in the Mirror.” Remember, these insights are good for women too!

  1. Our uses of time and money brand us and shape who we are.
  2. We all do exactly what we decide to do; we are the sum of our decisions…we are each branded by the decisions we make. Decision-making determines who and what we are more than any aspect of our lives.
  3. One of the greatest reasons people cannot mobilize themselves is that they try to accomplish great things. Most worthwhile achievements are the result of many little things done in a single direction.” – Nido Quebin
  4. Only when we know our purpose – where we are going – can we make heads or tails out of how to use our time…Our purpose helps us prioritize. Our priorities form solid ground for us to stand on when we make plans and set goals…From purpose to priorities to plans and goals…”Little things done in a single direction” – that’s the way.
  5. We must see our spiritual life as the first link in everything we do, not as some independent activity we perform which is unrelated to the details of daily living. To be effective with our time requires us to bridge the spiritual life to our life in the marketplace, to see the totality of what we do as a singular life.
  6. When we live as if all of life is spiritual – which it surely is – we translate the will of God into the miniature of our lives, where it belongs.
  7. Few lives are static and unchanging. Usually our spiritual lives march forward or they slip backwards. Life is like a treadmill…if you stop walking forward, you lose ground. How do we keep walking forward? By recharging daily.

Question: How about you? What book have you read recently and what did you learn from it?


Chime in and comment.

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