It seemed to be an awful time to take an out-of-town trip but I went with it anyway. First of, I just resigned from work just a few days before our Cebu-Bohol trip, and there were other things in the background that didn’t quite seem to be a good way to start having fun. I had misgivings about pushing through with it but my gut instincts says “GO!” so I did…and I had a blast!

With eight from my growing Family of Brothers (FaBros) of Victory Metro East, we dared the unknown in high spirits and a little faith. Each of us had our own reasons why we’re going there, aside from having fun of course. And some of us actually had similar hesitations, but together, we shared lots of laughter and had loads of wonderful memories.

Cebu - Bohol Reflections

These are just three takeaways I got from our four days and three nights getaway:

1. Great connections create fun and fruitful trips.

It was Dhenn who initiated the trip, primarily for us to be part of the Planetshakers “Night of Fire” Concert at Qimonda IT Center, Cebu. But it was Jobet who booked our flight tickets, and Vhon who arranged for our affordable and favorable accommodation (Thanks Sugbutel!) as well as our itinerary for our Cebu-Bohol adventure.

Richard also introduced us to his college friend, Fresah (a.k.a. Ghie) who treated us to a night of videoke at The Gallery’s Moviebloc. She also caused our thunderous laughter with her “chicken jokes” and others.

It’s absolutely true that it’s way cheaper (and way too awesome) if you travel in groups.

2. Great faith-in-action will take you to places and will enable you to achieve things.

Although we had to deal with what may prevent us from joining this adventure, our combined faith and prayers for each other did great wonders for us. Our individual (and for some of us, faltering) faith was taken to the next level as we gathered with other on-fire worshipers at the concert.

I and Richard had to battle through early symptoms of flu last Saturday and Sunday but I just kept proclaiming God’s healing as I shivered and perspired with cold sweat in the wee hours of the morning.

I also had to battle that ill feeling even as I was about to host an Ice Breaker game with the single men and women of Victory Cebu. Good thing I still stepped out in faith and did my job with flying colors.

3. Great things happen when people are united.

As a group of nine young, wacky (crazy), and single men, we could have had other plans among ourselves. But thank God we’re united as to where and how we’ll spend our time there.

We all agreed that we’ll go to church on a Sunday and have fellowship with Victory Cebu’s young professionals. 

Unity was also exhibited when I spoke to Christian of Victory Cebu about our brief program which was concluded by praying for both parties. I guess that’s what Apostle Paul’s “kindred spirit” working which helped us to be united in the things we did in our trip.

And because we had a great time, we’re now planning our next trip for 2014 as early as now. Haha!

Photos to follow…


3 thoughts on “3 Takeaways: Cebu – Bohol Reflections

    1. Thanks for sharing the link, Mac! That’ll help the followers and onlookers of this post if they’ll visit Cebu. We did enjoy our stay in Sugbutel. And the hospitality of their staff there is impressive too! 🙂


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