I lovingly dedicate this prayer to my kababayan’s in Cebu-Bohol who got affected by 7.2-magnitude earthquake yesterday, October 16, 2013. Our prayers and thoughts are with you at this time. 🙂


Thank You, God, that though the situations and people in my life may change (like I do), sometimes for the good, sometimes not so good, You stay the same.

In You there’s stability, when everything inside and around me gets shaken.

In You there’s hope, when all is said and done but nothing seems to work well…just yet.

In You, God, my best and brightest days are still ahead of me, even though it looks bleak and gloomy right now.

And whatever worst case scenarios I go through in this life, so long as I trust and obey You, You’ll pull me through.

There’s no better place on earth to fall than in the green pastures of Your grace…in Your sufficient and life-changing grace. Thank You, God!

Max Lucado - You'll Get Through This
Thank you, Max Lucado, for the inspiration to write this prayer!

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