How coincidental that I’m currently jobless like the time when I began this blog. Because of that, I have the luxury of time to go back to my old posts and see how I can improve them. After all, this blog represents me in the online world. This blog showcases my personality and my portfolio. This is my brand.

Review and Revise Your Old Posts

If like me, you have changed your WordPress theme in the last six months, it’s highly likely that you really have to review and revise your old posts too because…

  • Your current theme might make your texts difficult to read, especially if you changed the color of your texts or background in your earlier WordPress theme/s
  • Some photos or images may look odd or misplaced and need some editing
  • You may need to reformat your old posts to make them all (or at least most of them) look alike for aesthetic purposes

 I also found that reviewing and revising my old posts is necessary to…

  1. Check and correct typographical and grammatical errors
  2. Double-check my choice of words and make every post concise and cohesive
  3. Apply the new lessons and tricks I’ve learned to make my writing more effective
MY REVISED QUOTE (Left): “Before you can become a catalyst of change, you must experience change first-hand. You can become extra-ordinary when you learn to accept what’s wrong in you, bring it to God, and let Him correct you even through people around you.” (Right): A CATALYST OF CHANGE must experience change first-hand. BE EXCEPTIONAL by accepting and working on your flaws.

Question: For you, what are the other benefits of reviewing and revising your old posts?

Chime in and comment.

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