Have you noticed that some of your blog posts or Facebook wall posts seem to go unnoticed sometimes? You know, posts that don’t have any likes or comments at all? This may often make you wonder:

  • Are people really that busy online that they don’t hit like or comment to show a little support?
  • Could it be that my contacts get so much clutter showing in their Facebook wall feed?
  • Am I really that silly, uninteresting, or forgettable?


Take it easy, my friend. Don’t take it too personal. Hey, you’re not alone. There maybe thousands of articles, photos or videos online out there that are interesting enough but don’t get any likes or comments. Some of the possible reasons are: 

  1. On blogs, it may be difficult for readers to post their comments, especially if you have to fill-in lots of information in a form or something before you can share your views online.
  2. Your post maybe too long so your readers have lost their patience before they get what you’re trying to say. So write short and sweet posts, whenever you can and when appropriate.
  3. They possibly don’t agree to what you wrote and just decided not to say anything so as not to offend you or your readers.
  4. Their internet connection maybe slow so they just don’t bother liking it or commenting on it.
  5. Some people don’t understand how much their likes or comments mean to the writer.
  6. While others are just too busy doing many other things (online or offline) while reading or have to do a lot of work after reading your precious piece.
  7. Or maybe you also need to like or comment on other people’s posts so they’ll return the favor.

So as for me, whenever I can, I do my best to like or leave a comment on some of the content that I read. I do that to either share my insight on what they wrote or just to show a little appreciation and give the author a bit of pat on the back. We all need some dose of encouragement as we do our daily duties, right? Oh, come on! Don’t go silent on me now.  😉


6 thoughts on “No Likes or Comments on Your Posts? Here’s Why…

  1. If you’re really eager to bring readers to your content, I think the first step is to get them to click on your link. This is where crafting an interesting and captivating post title that faithfully suits your content comes into place. With a huge number of posts flooding my newsfeeds everyday, I would only take a few seconds to decide whether I will read an article or not.

    Great tips!


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