Have you ever experienced passing on your leadership knowledge and expertise to someone who’s quite new in the service? Ever felt like you needed to document some things so that your years of hard work can be duplicated by someone, hoping they’ll be able to do it better than you did? The following piece is a good example of that.

I began serving in different church ministries after I was baptized as a Christian in July 14, 2001 at Victory Quezon City. Aside from other Sunday church ministries, I co-lead a Single Men’s Victory Group there (for Bible Study, formerly called “Cell Groups”) in 2003 when my then Victory Group Leader, now a Pastor, Richard Lee of Victory Nova, got married.

6 Church Ministry Leadership Tips A

Our Family of Brothers (FaBros) began as I started leading a Single Men’s Victory Group in Victory Metro East back in 2009. But the really committed and passionate Jesus-followers came only in 2011. By God’s grace, I mentored them and eventually, they became Victory Group (VG) Leaders themselves.

This year, after God grew FaBros exponentially, I thought of having an Events Team that will spearhead and manage events for our growing Victory Group network. I figured this will provide a service opportunity for potential VG leaders. I also proposed for our events to only occur if we don’t have a scheduled church event.

So we had an election in July, and FaBros Events Team was formed with the iCare values: Inclusiveness, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence.

After three months, due to valid reasons, the elected Events Team Captain asked to be released in the ministry. Thank God a brave soul and multi-skilled servant-leader stepped up to the plate. And tonight I shared with him these “Six Church Ministry Leadership Tips.”

You might want to read on to pick-up a few tips and strategies to aid your own church-related service or volunteer work. As I typed these words for him in an email, I thought of Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Letters to a Young Poet.” 😉

1. Guard your Bible-reading, prayer, and daily obedience to God, while growing in His grace.

Your relationship to God is more important than anything else. More important than the tasks you’re about to do for our ministry. More important than any earthly relationship. When your relationship with God suffers, you might observe that something else in your life may suffer as well.

2. Win Them Over and Wow Them.

“Them” here refers to both the people you lead in the ministry and the people that you’re serving in relation to upcoming events. You win them over by always showing that you respect their views and are concerned about their welfare too. Pray for them and tell them that you do pray for them even in your personal devotions if need be. You wow them by giving always your best effort and nothing less, with the ultimate goal to honor God in all things. Remember, excellence is preferred everywhere.

Read Part 2 here.


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