Someone said that all types of healthy and happy relationships have some aspect of friendship in them.

I do not know anyone without a friend. Everyone has a friend they can call, or be with when they’re down and troubled.

It’s not easy to maintain lifelong friendships though. It requires a lot of time, effort, and intentionality. Sadly, it’s easier to break a friendship than to build one. 

So as a way of sharing some lessons I learned along the way, here are 12 Fascinating Friendship Quotes I made for us to use and share with our friends. You may follow any of these steps:

1. First, click an image to enlarge and view in black.

2. If you like a photo quote and want to download it to share with others, click an image to enlarge and view in black, right-mouse click, then choose “Save Image As.”

3. If you’d like to share this whole post, click the social media icons (ex. Facebook, Twitter etc.) at the bottom of this post marked with “Liked it? Then Share it!”

4. You may also copy the link (URL, web address) and post it to a friend’s Facebook Wall, if it’s allowed there.

5. Or you may email this URL link to your contacts.

‘Want more viral quotes on other topics? Visit my “Viral Quotes Gallery” page.


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