I am broken…

For the times that I trusted, yet was betrayed. For the times that I have loved, but was rejected. For the times I thought my allies were many, and finding out later on, my real friends were few. For the times spent with fair-weather people, whose words were just mere empty talk and broken promises.

I’m broken by pretension. Betrayal. And abandonment. I’m in pain but hopeful. I rejoice in a myriad of endless possibilities. And I’m strengthened by bright opportunities ahead.

Glad Adventure
Photo from http://www.hensoninoregon.com

I am desperate…

To make things happen. To champion transformation of how things are done and where it’s headed. To carve a path for myself and leave a trail for others. For the many broken but not beaten, like-minded others. To lead the way as I live my legacy.

I’m desperate enough to take desperate measures. To do anything and everything just to get things going. Desperate enough to evolve and be the best that I can be in this hero’s journey. I will make the best out of what I have right here, right now, and with all that I am.

I am ready…

In these desperate times, I will step out of my comfort zone, not knowing its outcome. I will blaze through the roaring tides of ambiguity with fierce vision. I will run against the wind if I have to. I will challenge the norms if I must.

I’m ready. No matter how many has left or forsaken me, in my mishaps and miseries. No matter how bad this storm is raging in and around me, I will survive. My will is strong enough to persevere. My soul is strong enough to pull me through.

I am glad…

For all that was, what’s here and now, and all that is yet to come…I am glad.

This is my life. My adventure.


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