After much thought and prayer, I decided to rest from my more than 10 years of church ministry volunteer services starting 2014 to focus more on personal and career concerns.  

Last night’s spiritual gifts test results only affirmed the God-given skills I used in my love-filled and passionate service in the past decade. According to this online Spiritual Gifts Test with 98 questions, my Top 3 Spiritual Gifts (with two gifts having equal scores) are:

  1. Administration, Mercy = 31
  2. Wisdom, Exhortation = 28
  3. Pastor, Teacher = 27

I may or may not be called to full-time pastoring a church but surely, discerning and following His perfect will can lead me to the best places I can serve in the future.

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In the process of endorsing my ministry responsibilities to other trustworthy and faithful leaders, I wrote several communications including tips for our iCare Events Team, and the one below for the upcoming Discipleship Coach who will take my place.

A Discipleship Coach is the “Leader of Victory Group Leaders.” Discipleship Coaches are not Pastors but they help make effective Victory Group Leaders in disciple-making process. Victory Group Leaders are Small Group Bible Study Leaders.

In the spirit of living and sharing my legacy, here are my no holds barred tips that you may find useful for your own ministry:  

1.     If you’re setting up a meeting with your Victory Group Leaders, make sure to inform them in advance at least 3-5 days prior. 

Our VG Leaders are busy with loads from their personal and family life, work, and other church ministries. You’re helping them work with you as you help them, if you advise them way ahead of your meeting, and remind them the day before it.

2.     Pray regularly for your Discipleship Coaching Team of leaders, and ask them to pray for you too. 

Although you may only meet at least once-a-month, remember to pray for them as often as you can, and ask them to do the same for you. We can only accomplish so much as the will and grace of God allows us. Praying may accomplish more than what you and your leaders can accomplish together – because ultimately, only God can make all things better.

3.     Do your best to build relationship with your leaders, especially with those you don’t have natural relations with.

Schedule a non-discipleship fun time with them. Listen to them intently. Get to know their families or close friends in or outside the church. Know their sorrows and what makes their heart sing. Serve them as they serve the church.

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