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4.     There are leaders who may refuse to be lead. 

You may be surprised but you’ll find them within the church. That’s because we live in a broken world. There are no perfect people, hence, also no perfect church. They’ll show it by their actions and responses (or the lack of them); they may not tell you upfront. They may also have other priorities that may get in the way of your Discipleship Coaching Meetings. These people may think they know better so you may have a hard time (sort of) proving your worth to them. Pray for them earnestly and work with them patiently.

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5.     Pastors have blind spots too. 

As nice and wise as our beloved Pastors are, when you have a chance, and if you’re brave enough, tell them their blind spots. Suggest a better way of saying or doing things: in the nicest way possible, and at the right time and place. They may not have your knowledge and experience and by sharing it to them, you’re helping the church grow too.

6.     Some people are savvy in giving lip service without backing it up with action. 

When necessary, remind them of what they said, when and where they said it. We serve a promise-keeping God so we need to help our church mates honor their word too.

7.     Protect and pursue your personal and growth time. 

If you don’t have time for yourself, for the things and people that matters most to you, away from the ministry, you may burn out easily. So learn to decline some commitments. No one is indispensable – even at church. You don’t have to be everywhere and do everything the ministry offers. God already loves you just as you are. You don’t have to prove anything to Him. You are a human being. Not a human doing.

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