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Isn’t it interestingly ironic that though some life events irk or jolt us, these trials usher in valuable insights for us, if we’ll just examine each closely?

These challenges, whether in the form of financial, relational, or spiritual aspects, are often sandwiched with blessings-in-disguise, if we’ll just give them enough time and attention.

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Seldom do we ever welcome challenges freely in our lives. We often refuse to receive them as visitors or messengers with loads of surprises, because they often come at an unexpected time and place, and usually, with unpleasant appearances.

But the reality is that, we can’t label anything or anyone as successful without first going through some inconveniences and mishaps. As students in the school of life, we go through tests and quizzes (no matter how difficult these are) to prove that we are ready for the next level.

As my idol, Ryzza Mae Dizon said, “Bawal ang sad. Dapat happy!” (Don’t be sad. Just be happy!). So here are 10 optional perspectives when troubles come our way:

  1. Be thankful for crisis, because that’s when you’ll really know who your real friends are.
  2. When challenges come, that’s when we discover some of our untapped strengths and weaknesses.
  3. We become wiser and ready for potentially similar situations in the future.
  4. Our hearts and minds are opened to new knowledge for our benefit.
  5. Our faith in God grows stronger because we learn to trust and depend on Him more.
  6. We realize what’s (or, who are) truly important for us in this life.
  7. People around us who are willing to help are given opportunities to reach out to us.
  8. Our family ties become stronger.
  9. We are given a chance to discover new solutions to old problems.
  10. Each challenge we surpass strengthens us and makes us successful.

For as long as we live, there will be trials. But so long as we live, there’s hope.

So we need to learn to accept each passing challenge with open arms, with proper perspective, and a with receptive heart and mind, for us to apply each lesson learned in our daily lives. Because when we take on more risks and challenges, we open ourselves to more possibilities for success. 

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