We don’t like discomfort and difficulties but too often, the greatest lessons in life we learn best and remember always are those we learn with utter pain.

I didn’t expect that this year would turn out the way it did. I love planning but due to several unexpected incidents, I’m learning to become even more flexible and open to possibilities – whatever they are and wherever they may happen.  

13 Tough Lessons

I’m nonetheless grateful for the many surprises and challenges that stirred me. Because of these, I hope, I am a better man.

These are the significant lessons I learned this year…the hard way:   

  1. Faith cannot be proven genuine without taking risks.
  2. Conquering new territories require conquering one’s self. Courage and character, not only talent, will take you far.
  3. Some situations will get worst first before they get better.
  4. Desperate situations often bond people closer like nothing else can.
  5. Friends are like foes. Both wound deeply.
  6. Often, you must get really close to a friend only to fully know an adversary.
  7. Hurt people hurt others. Loved people love others.
  8. Love isn’t always sweeter the second time around. Because sometimes, it actually doesn’t deserve a second chance.
  9. Feelings are fickle yet people still use it as sole basis for love-related decisions.
  10. Surprisingly, people may still use you or abuse you despite your good intentions.
  11. Gratitude is not an emotion, it’s a skill. It summons to be practiced daily.
  12. You don’t get over grieving from a loved one’s death. You just learn to live with it.
  13. Though it may take you a lifetime to nourish and flourish your family, it’s always worth your love and efforts.

Robert Schuller’s book says “Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do.” I strongly believe that I’m tougher now because of the tough times I went through this year.

And because I intend to live my legacy, my game plan for next year? Don’t just merely fight to survive…but thrive!

Question: What one important lesson did 2013 leave you with?

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7 thoughts on “13 Tough Lessons of 2013

  1. First of all the words of God are living and active sharper than any double edged sword that it penetrates through the heart, it judges the thoughts of the heart. In passing, all of the above statements were fine, but only God cures every hurts and needs of every human alive in this Earth.


  2. 2013 is a very challenging year for me as well… most often there would appear some sort of defeats but they eventually turn out as temporary defeats.

    true to form, in between the “temp. defeat” arises the golden lessons that are to be gained … in the end, I couldn’t be any happier.

    life is indeed a tough mentor and a trusty friend as well..it always strike us hard near our melting point in order to mold us into a well defined and refined form… the form that will last with us forever.



      1. As tough as we may look outwardly in life… yet we will all be put to the test of fire in one way or another. It was intended to be so, in order for us to be easily formed the way it was destined to be. Let’s embrace the paradigm that every obstacle and trials we face, it was brought on specific purpose… a blessing in disguise. A golden opportunity to learn something worth wile.

        A blessed life we shall reap… if we focus on the “purpose driven life” we are assigned to fulfill.



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