Christmas is always more fun in the Philippines. That’s because of our awesome mix of culture, traditions, and our values. Among other things, our yearly (and early) celebration of Christmas is also one of the reasons that make us stand out as a nation in the global scene during this season.

No place like home, they say. My friends from other parts of the world also say that because in other countries, Christmas seem to be just like another ordinary day (except in places where there are Filipino communities).

Hardly will you see Christmas decors and observance in other places outside this nation during this time of the year. That’s why every year, many Overseas Filipino Workers come home to our country to celebrate this most eventful holiday in history with family and friends.

With my cellphone camera, I captured the spirit of Christmas on these photos taken from malls, churches, and streets.

To my country of survivors, resilient, and family-oriented people, Merry Christmas everyone! 

(Click a photo to enlarge and view in black.)


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