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4. Always arrive earlier than your clients on the event – You need this to prepare better. Explore the venue, find out where the entrance/exits are, the restrooms, and where the stage will be so you’ll know how to position yourself. Needless to say, ensure that you’re appropriately dressed for the occasion and observe proper hygiene: no body odor, and with fresh breath. Haha!

5. Talk to other suppliers on the event – Build camaraderie with other suppliers: caterers, lights and sounds etc. Find out how you can work with them as a team. Check with caterers if the food will be served on tables or if there can be two buffet lines during meal time. Talk to the lights and sounds to ensure that they know what music or light effects for specific parts of the program. Acknowledge them on the closing part of your program, if possible.

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6. Have a sense of ownership without going overboard – This is also your event in as much as this is your client’s. Try to put yourself in your client’s shoes and see if there’s something else beyond hosting that you can do to help them. Give an extra-mile service and surely you’ll have repeat business. Your clients may even refer you to their contacts without you asking for it.

7. Host excellently and enthusiastically – Review the program so that you don’t forget and miss a part. Clarify proper pronunciation of names. In cases of a mall show, follow the Director’s or Floor Manager’s instructions. Stick to the script if that’s required. Think on your toes and be flexible to sudden changes as there will always be unexpected things. Avoid dead-air on your program.

8. Beef up your portfolio with photos and videos – If you’re a solo freelance events host, be a smart marketer of your services. You need marketing and connections first to bring your talent to the right places. Ensure you have your camera or cellphone camera on the event, and ask a venue employee or a client’s relative to take a photo or video clip of your hosting.

This list of tips is obviously not comprehensive. I’m sure you can think of other things that will make your client happy and your event more memorable, meaningful, and fun.

Remember that as an Events Host, you play a pivotal role in making this event happen and making it extra special – not only for yourself – but especially for your clients and those who are attending it.

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