I’m a regular customer of National Bookstore, especially their Superbranch in Cubao beside Gateway. I’m so happy to have found Jeff Davidson’s book “The 60 Second Innovator” in their bargain books section. 

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but we, book lovers, almost always ignore that adage when buying books. We often go for something that has a good cover and of course, quality content, that is, if we’re able to read them at all (because some books are wrapped in plastic to prevent private reading). I especially love small books so that I can bring them everywhere I go.

Such is the case for this book, it’s small in size ( 5 x 7 inches), but big in content, and the topic was covered comprehensively. It has 166 pages packed with helpful information.


Here’s a peek to its contents:

  • Part 1 – The Quest for a Better Way
  • Part 2 – Upping Your Innovation Quotient
  • Part 3 – Carving Your Path to Innovation
  • Part 4 – Preparing for the Unexpected
  • Part 5 – Embracing Your Personal Power
  • Part 6 – Coaching from the Masters 

I finished reading this book right after Christmas day, December 26, 2013. This is the 134th book that I have read and I recommend to you all.

Here are some of my takeaways:

Organizations, big or small, that don’t innovate eventually stagnate and lose their platform. It’s a sad fact that some leaders are just way too traditional to stick to what they know. 

Leaders that don’t welcome, acknowledge, and implement new ideas are actually putting their organization at more risks than they thought.

While there’s a good reason to retain some of the old stuff that works, there are also many good reasons why we need to make way for the new ones. Times and technology are changing, so we must evolve with the times.

If I’ll summarize everything I read from this book, its one big idea would be:

Innovation is a key to succeed in these changing times.

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Question: What book have you read? Or, what are you reading this holiday season?


Chime in and comment.

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