• Have you received gifts last Christmas that you truly loved?
  • Did someone surprise you that made your day and warmed your heart?
  • Or you simply just want to thank someone for his or her presence and impact in your life?
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Doing something good daily as an act of gratefulness does not require much, may not cost anything at all, and may actually brighten someone’s day.

I believe in the power of random acts of kindness. That even just one good deed can spark change and impact other people’s lives in a positive way.

As a way of thanking God for giving me a gift of ideation, let me share the blessing with a few suggestions you can work with. Remember, you may do these not only on special occasions, but at any given day.

Here are a few fun and easy ways you can do to create wonderful memories as you say thank you to the special people in your life:

1. Give them something. You may choose to give them a thank you gift as well in a form of a token, a trinket, or a trophy of sorts. You can create and print a photo collage for them or a video clip of both their ordinary and special moments, sort of like a “living eulogy” or a tribute. Leave them a note of thanks with a piece of chocolate or snack on their office desk.

 2. Do something for them. Cook for them or baby-sit for them. Do a piece of their work to lessen their daily burdens. Look at their to-do list and do one of those action items for them. With their permission and if you can, clean a portion of their house. Make them feel special for a day.

 3. Take them somewhere. Bring them to their favorite restaurant or any of their hang-out places. Treat them to a movie that you know they’ll love watching, or an amusement park with fun rides. If you can afford it, take them to an all-expense paid out-of-town (or -country) trip.

Whether yours or someone else’s, gratefulness cures unhappiness, bitterness and discontentment. It’s a good and healthy habit to develop. It can even be an awesome lifestyle to live with.

This year, as always, I resolve to live thankful for the many things I’m blessed with. And I hope to express that thankfulness in some of the best ways I can.

How about you? What are you thankful for? To whom are you grateful for?


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