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I sent the following note via email to I also went to and sent this feedback via their Contact Us section. I am now waiting for their reply and will post it here too. 😀

I am doing this because I’d like to encourage other customers, not only of Chowking, but for other product and service providers as well, to help companies improve their service for us consumers. 

And as a Christian, I’m called to make a positive impact in my society and nation, as “salt and light of the world” (see Matthew 5:13-16). 

Read on and see if you share the same sentiments. 😉

To Whom It May Concern,

May I know the reason behind Chowking’s “Self-service Spoon and Fork policy” as on the attached photo, please? I think it’s quite an inconvenience for customers to leave their table and valued belongings (especially for those dining solo) after a long wait and their food is served without spoon and fork, so they have to get it themselves

Last night, January 24, 2014 at 9:45 pm, I dined in at Chowking – Besta, Baclaran, Operated by Smart Queen Foods Corp. with OR# 02395275 for Table #207.


I was tired from the long commute because I came from Antipolo area and met with a hosting gig client in SM Sucat. Going home, I was hungry and decided to get off at Baclaran to eat at this Chowking branch. It was about their closing time so it took a while for my order to arrive, and without spoon and fork, which I used to get in other Chowking branches.

Based on the attached photo which I took from my cellphone, it seems that this is a “standard” in this branch because it had a printed sign on it saying “Self-service Spoon and Fork.”

When I asked the service crew for my spoon and fork, he directed me to get it myself some steps away from my table, which meant I had to leave my bag while carefully checking it so it won’t be stolen.


When we customers go to a fast food chain like yours, we are hungry and possibly tired too, so we need basically fast food and hopefully at the least, good service. Since Chowking’s food items are mostly prepared only when they’re ordered at the cashier, it may take a while before the order reaches the customers table.

Can you imagine the hassle and risk the customers have to go through just to finally enjoy the food they ordered at your stores? Hassle because the customer still has to get up from his table and leave his valuables if any, especially if he is alone. Worse, some of your signages even say that you’re not responsible for any loss or damage to customers’ valuables, right?


The spoon and fork area is located away from the cashier. It may have been better if it’s just located near there so at least customers would be readily given spoon and fork by the cashier, or they get could get it themselves while they wait for their order.

This may not be too big a deal for some customers, but for me who has worked in the customer service industry for more than a decade, it means a lot.

What Can Chowking Do About This?

I don’t think having “Self-service Spoon and Fork” policy provides the best customer service for us. Now, this may tick off some of us, so we’ll just go to other better-serving fast food chains out there. And you know there’s just plenty of your kind competing for customers’ patronage.

What do you think? What can you do about this?    


Best Regards,

Adrian Pantonial


Chowking Besta, Baclaran’s Store Manager Replied >>

January 29, 2014 @ 4:30 PM 


Hi sir adrian pantonial good pm po,

Sir this is [Complete Name] store manager of Chowking FPC Besta Baclaran Branch. Sir i received your suggestions regarding our service. specially on spoon and fork issues. first i understand your situation sir because you are tired and you had a many belongings. So it means when you asked my crew regarding spoon and Fork. the crew must get the spoon and fork immediately. sir apologize regarding the attitude of my staff. i already talked my team specially the manager on duty that day. SO that it will never happen to other customers. But actually sir the standard po in all Chowking branch the spoon and fork is self service po talaga. but anyway sir i will raise your concern to the systems po para mapag aralan ng mabuti…

sir can i get your personal or landline number po. so that i can easily update you regarding this matter..

again sir i apologize and thank you po for the feedback we value your feedback because i believe through feedback we can improve our services..

thanks po,

[Complete Name]
store manager


I replied back >>

Hi, [First Name],

Thank you for your response.
Since you mentioned that the “self-service spoon and fork” is a standard among all Chowking branches, I think you don’t have to apologize in behalf of your service crew then for refusing to give me my request because he’s merely abiding by your company policies. Your crew would never have a clue whether his customers are “tired” coming to your store. He only did his job according to your store standards.

As a Store Manager, could you kindly let me know why you think Chowking made it such a policy? There should be some logical or business-related reasons why companies make their policies and standards, right? I really think that this policy is rather more of a “customer disservice.”

I’m bringing this to your company’s attention so the higher management may revisit and re-consider this “self-service spoon and fork policy/standard.” If this cannot be changed, then I suggest you consider my suggestion in my earlier email:

The spoon and fork area is located away from the cashier. It may have been better if it’s just located near there so at least customers would be readily given spoon and fork by the cashier, or they get could get it themselves while they wait for their order.”

I’m a regular customer of Chowking, as well as many of my family and friends. I wrote you this feedback not only for the sake of us, your customers, but also to help keep a good image and brand that Chowking and Jollibee Food Corp. as a whole, represent in the food industry in the Philippines. Not only that, but also because I was once a Dining Service Crew of Jollibee.

My mobile # is 09xx-xxxxxxx.

Many Thanks,
Adrian Pantonial


And I sent this follow-up email too >>

New email subject: Why The “Chowking Self-service Spoon and Fork Policy” Needs to be Reviewed or Changed

After much thought, I think the reason why Chowking has such policy is because it is patterned after Jollibee’s style. But the way Jollibee and Chowking serves its food products to customers are different.

The Difference Between Jollibee and Chowking
When a customer orders food from Jollibee counter, he gets it quickly at the counter most of the time. So even if he has to get the spoon and fork by himself, he can do that before he goes to his table.
It’s different with Chowking. Most, if not all, food products of Chowking are in “made to order” basis. So the customer will be given a number to wait for the food to be served on his table. Sometimes, due to many other customer orders, the customer has to wait for quite some time (and others will have to follow-up their order several times) before he gets his order, and without spoon and fork.
Not Only Spoon and Fork but Lacking Table Napkins Too
So the customer has to stand up from his table and leave his valuables at the risk of being stolen if he’s dining alone. Then come back to his table and has to ask the Service Crew for “Tissue, please?” this time because most likely the Service Crew also did not deliver a tissue with the food ordered. 
Imagine the hassle a customer has to go through because of this “self-service spoon and fork” of Chowking? 
The Possible Negative Effects of this Policy
The other regular customers of chowking may have already gotten used to it so they’ll just get the spoon and fork by themselves before going to their tables. But what about the “first time customers” of Chowking? What about the foreigners who will be eating at Chowking for the first time? Are you willing to risk potentially losing many first time customers because of this policy?  
You may forward this email to the higher management for them to review or change that spoon and fork policy of Chowking.

10 thoughts on “Feedback on Chowking’s “Self-service Spoon and Fork” Policy

  1. It’s Hard to bring changes in chowking. Friends you are wasting your time and energy. I also hv this issue which i wil want to bring in notice. When u order a drink which is not in combo of meals its 28 pesos . If in combo n u don’t want a drink it’s just less 10 pesos. Is not this unfair trade practice. I usually eat chopsuey in chocking imagine what I get for a good 97 pesos. Few veggies n rice which is jus a half cup u get in a regular restaurant. It’s jus money making business. I wish people in Philippines stand united against this unethical n zero value policies of chowking. Time n again I hv send mails but it’s always standard replies that one gets. Quality of rice is worst to the price charged. Service I don’t think I need to say much we all are aware of no tissues with food. Sticky trays given for food. N also d stink. One can make out a good 50 meters it’s chowking cos of d unique stink in all d stores.


    1. i encountered the same service of chowking here in Toril,Davao City i am dissatisfied with the taste of chopsuey rice. Chopsuey is one of my favorite vegetable menu. i ask the service crew why is it your chopsuey is “walang lasa?”. The crew answered that it is meatless..
      I paid P127 for that menu changing its drink into pineapple juice.. As i assessed that order — it’s not worth it! chopsuey has no meat, more cabbage and kentucky beans, lesser carrots and sayote and walang lasa..
      Wala ding binigay na tissue


  2. Dec. 6 at about pass 2p.m. I was having lunch at the Red ribbon in Concord. There were two employees in the dining area. One was putting cakes on top of the table& the other one appeared to be taking pictures of the cake. I guess the other employee was blocking here sight (she couldn’t take a good shot)that she just yelled out “anong problema mo?”to the other employee, who was putting the cake on the table. There are different words to use when you want someone to get out of your way that would not be offensive, I eventually found out the rude employees name is EMEE.


  3. Febuary 12, 12:58pm, chowking balanga capitol.. I’ve ordered pork chaofan, at first.. i don’t know where i should tell my order because there is a crew in a counter yet she didn’t even welcome me or say ” this way ma’am” . What i did is i smiled at her and ask if her counter is available. and she said yes.. I found out that her name is TRICIA.. i’ve ordered chao fan. with no siomai..she repeated my order fast as if she’s in a hurry. i just nod then she said. 87.00, i said “wait i ordered chaofan with no siomai” she said. “Ma’am i already punched it” i said, “can’t you please re-punched it?” she said , “no ma’am i already punched it” so i didn’t say anything but i know she can re-punched it again.. I’ve encounter that incident like that in JB Capitol and the crew there did something..and also i have a friends who is manager.. and one more thing .. i can’t see any manager in chowking. and then i asked another crew named JERVIN . i ask if the girl crew can re-punched my order and he said “of course ma’am” that hits me. Why do she need to manipulate and lie to her customer? What’s with the attitude. I am a student. PLEASE do something. GOD bless.


  4. For your Chowking Metropoint branch, sana naman sabihan nyo mga customers na wala kayong ice PRIOR to taking any orders. Kung kelan naka-order na, saka kayo magdedeliver ng drinks sabay sabi na walang ice. This is aside from the fact na open yung store but not ready to accomodate all orders. Really bad customer service. I am sure no action will be done here considering that pinoys are used to settle for less. The Philippines is far from customer service standards from other countries in my opinion.


  5. Hello ask ko lang ala ba sinusunod na standard ang chowking kasi kumain kami don sa my chowking kapitolyo at nag order kami ng chicken lauriat bat ganon yong pansit kanton nila ala sa standard as in napaka kunti tapos yong chicharap nila 2pc.lang linagay ayaw p magbigay ng chili sauce tinawag ko yong manager bakit ganon ala sa standard yong pansit cantoon nila ala manlang sya sinabi kahit manlang sana sorry or what anong klaseng service ng chowking kapitolyo na to if I were you guys iwasan nyo tong branch na ito


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