Here’s an informative image from Medical Observer taken from Everyday Health. The points specified here so resonate with me that I decided to choose one item that best describes me, then write something about it. That’s number six, and it says: “If someone cries on little things, he is innocent and soft-hearted.”  

I am number six. I’m innocent, often gullible, because I try to look for the best in every person and situation. I hurt inside when relational frictions occur, so I try to resolve it when I can. But not all broken relationships can be fixed.

Through the years, I learned that some issues are just better left as they are, and just allow God to redeem the situation.

I cry on the inside over little stuff because I believe that small things do mean a lot. And even just one small deed of kindness done intentionally can make someone’s day. I used to sweat the small stuff so things have gotten messy sometimes, but hey, I learned from them. And learning in the process of making mistakes is more important than not making mistakes at all.

Yes, I’m sensitive. Artists are sensitive. These are people who create some form of art: actors, singers, poets, painters, writers and the likes. I do not apologize for being one.

I’d rather be sensitive than be insensitive.

I don’t always expect to be understood. I only hope to be appreciated, and hopefully loved, by the people to whom I do the same.

I’m sensitive enough to read between the lines, and adjust my actions accordingly for the benefit of both party.

I am transparent enough, yet discreet, in my dealings with people. I seek the truth at all times and aim to live for it consistently.

I loathe backstabbers, traitors, and gossipmongers so I avoid them at all cost. I strive not to be like them.

I endeavor to work for mutual benefit in my relationships. I hate disposable relationships. But once I had enough with a person’s ill manners, I’m done with it. Why should I keep hurting myself by dealing with people who bring me down?

Despite of my futile attempts at being a realist, I am still an idealist.

I live for another world, a much better one. So I’m proactive to suggest ideas for powers-that-be to improve situations, to make life better for everyone concerned.

At the end of the day, especially when I’m exhausted and had an eventful day, I shed tears praying unto the Lord to fight the battles I can’t win. And resolve the issues lingering within.

What drives me toward personal growth and lifelong learning is not a really secret. It’s God’s unconditional love, His redemptive grace, and His power to change me from glory to glory.

Some people find me too good to be true, but I’m handsomely imperfect and awesomely blessed. I am destined to be a divine masterpiece but still work-in-progress right now. And, yes, I am number six.


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