Last February 9, 2014, I turned 35 years old. Yaiks! I want to stop counting my age already. Haha! But good thing I age graciously (Thank God, I don’t look like my age). And as they say, wisdom comes with age too.

So here, let me share with you my brand of wisdom from the past turbulent yet triumphant, and eventful years of my life:


1. Love and honor God by loving and serving people. God always remembers, and will reward your efforts even if people don’t.

2. In this life, we’ll always have questions that will remain unanswered. Our duty is to trust and obey God, and not to always understand.

3. Life is unfair but God is good. When life gives you lemons, God will enable you to make lemonades if you ask Him to.

4. There’s a healthy dose of doubt that could help intensify your faith. But focus on the positives and don’t dwell on the negatives. Doubt your doubts and grow your faith.

5. God’s calling for you is in the convergence of your passions and skills, where you can be greatly blessed and where you can be a greater blessing.

6. Our Christian maturity and growth highly rely on surrendering and submitting to God every aspect of our lives: heart, mind, soul, and strength.

7. Everything should lead us back to God: our joys and sorrows, triumphs and temptations, trials and errors, boredom and bliss – all these ought to bring us back to Him who is the Creator and Redeemer of everything.

8. Worship is more than music, more than how low we bow on our knees in prayer, more than how high we raise our hands in worship, more than how we look good when we’re singing church songs…it’s a lifestyle.



9. The success and health of your family is one goal that could take a lifetime to accomplish but will always be worth your time and effort.

10. Dare to encourage, and not enforce, your values to your family. As kids grow up they’ll make their own choices, mistakes and have a life of their own.

11. Sacrifice for your family. Give until it hurts, but know your boundaries. Teach them to also earn their keep; otherwise you’ll be a sacrificial lamb for life while they’ll be lazy.

12. A good education and great set of values are two timeless heirlooms you could pass on to your family.

13. Avoid keeping secrets from your family, no matter how dirty, messy or dark your secrets are, they’ll always be the ones who’ll stand by you when worse comes to worst.

14. There’s no such thing as a perfect family. Work hard on your ideals but live your reality well.

15. Family first. Don’t let work consume most of your time.

16. Family first. Don’t let church ministries consume most of your time.


17. While it’s true that first impressions last, it’s rarely an accurate assessment of a person’s character and skills.

18. Give people a chance to prove their significance in your life. It takes time to get know a person and more quality time to build strong relationships.

19. Respect people’s silence. It could imply people’s unresolved issues within themselves, or they just fear exaggerating the relational issue with their response.

20. Relationships, not money, make the world go round. Let’s learn to use money to drive the health and growth of our relationships: with God and people.

21. Don’t lead people on if you’ll only lead them alone. If you’ll have to leave them, make a graceful exit. The least you can do is to inform them why you’re leaving.

22. Always attempt to put yourself in other people’s shoes, if you want optimum results for your actions.

23. Love is a many splendored thing. But people make it complicated. At the end of the day though, it’s all worth it, for all the lessons that can be learned from it.

24. Singles, we are not a minority, even while others treat us like it. We don’t have to live apologetically for our choices, so long as we’re living in truth and what’s right.

25. Women are such fickle-minded yet fragile creatures. If you commit to live with them for life, be prepared to understand them, love them, and serve them all the way.


26. Work is worship. (Colossians 3:17, 23)

27. People often resign due to emotional and logical reasons caused by poor management. The stability of a business does not always equate low attrition.  

28. Work develops a whole new person in you, improving your character, sharpening your mind and skills.

29. Autograph your work with excellence and you’ll go far. You’re often known by the quality of your work.

30. Work makes you learn new things, words, lessons, technology, and work processes.

31. The best way to get promoted, though not always the easiest, is to outgrow your current job role. Do more than what’s required of you.

32. When issues occur, always give your Boss and colleagues the benefit of the doubt. Don’t quickly jump into conclusions.

33. By all means, be the best in your field but remember too that no one is indispensable. So make time for recreation and work-life balance.

34. Talent is not enough. Character is power. To succeed remarkably in your career, you must shine with: I.Q., E.Q. and communication skills.

35. In relationships and career aspects, lifelong learning and personal growth are key ways to go up, up, and away. Up to the next level and away to new borders.

Question: How about you? What’s your one life lesson?


7 thoughts on “35 Life Lessons of a Single Guy

  1. #25 is so true, “Women are such fickle-minded yet fragile creatures. If you commit to live with them for life, be prepared to understand them, love them, and serve them all the way.” super belated happy birthday:-)


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