It’s been over two months since I last posted in this blog. More than two months too since I started working in a cruise ship – my first work overseas so it’s quite a big adjustment for me as well. 
From here onwards, I’ll make it up to you all with awesome photos and details in some of my travels.
But for now, I’ll start with my Facebook post, last February 22, 2014, before I left the Philippines for the U.S. And here it goes…
Our cruise ship, Norwegian Jewel, docked near Costa Maya Island, Mexico.
Our cruise ship, Norwegian Jewel, docked near Costa Maya Island, Mexico.
Goodbye for now, Philippines! My family & friends, kindly remember me in your prayers, please? My 5 months of actively waiting concludes here. 5 months of no full time work (October 2013 – February 2014).

  • 2 months of hunting for my next best career while declining other job offers (October-November 2013).
  • 2 months of processing my overseas work requirements while making friends with complete strangers and hearing their poignant seafarer stories (December 2013 – January 2014).
  • 3 months of memorable and occasional hosting gigs getting further away from my comfort zones, meeting new people and learning from them while honing my hosting skills (December 2013 – February 2014).
  • 5 months of feeling let down and forgotten by some people, and somewhat helpless in certain circumstances. But always growing my faith, getting up and fighting on the inside – by God’s grace.
  • Few days of despedida meet-ups with old friends; reducing my Facebook contacts list. 
  • 5 months of God’s faithfulness and super-natural favor and provision.

“You are amazingly loving and good to Your children, Lord. Thank You, God, for all that was, all there is, and all that is yet to come.”

Now here’s to my big leap of faith…a new journey begins. May God bless us all richly! 


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