Will you allow God to prepare you for the next level of your life, despite all the pain and sorrow you’re going (or will go) through?

Whenever I’m exhausted from all the walking (this ship is long and high), talking (English nose bleed to death), and dancing (up to 2 hours straight at night), and I’m about to go back to my cabin, I remind myself that hardly anything in life comes easy. That all I’ve been through in the past (rejections, missed opportunities, heart aches etc.) prepared me for the things that I’m enjoying (and enduring) right now.

I certainly don’t like everything about my “current calling,” but I allow myself to be molded by God in the process and through the pain.

Wherever we maybe in life, there will always be pros and cons in every trials or triumph that we’ll face. How we deal with everything that comes our way will make a big difference in our lives.

Having faith that God will always see us through enables us to have a proper perspective and attitude to handle every challenge that comes our way. So just let God shape you even through greater challenges that lead to better tomorrows.

Our ship, Norwegian Jewel, docked near Costa Maya Island, Mexico
Our ship, Norwegian Jewel, docked near Costa Maya Island, Mexico

2 thoughts on “Let God Prepare You for Better Days

  1. Such a great question. With recent trials piling on top of each other, I believe I need to seek the Lord for His strength to say YES.

    Thank you for inspiring us to go deeper.


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