Your back is against the wall. The weight of the world is upon your shoulders. Your great expectations turned into a harsh reality. These signal that you’re in for a big, bad change.

Whether that’s a loss of a loved one, a terminal disease, or a relational issue, no doubt, we all go through rough times. The question is not if, but when. We all will be changed by tribulations beyond our control. But will you be changed to be bitter or better?

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There’s not always an easy way out of every problem. Just being in it can be quite overwhelming. It’s like every challenge is stack up against you, and you could hardly breathe.

There’s a reason why you had to go through this. Sometimes, you don’t have to figure out why, but just find a way how to make the best out of it – or better – to resolve the issue, if possible. The answers may just be found along the way as you allow yourself to go through the process of change.

There’s no single formula that could resolve your specific challenge. But here are just a few insights from a fellow pilgrim along that long and winding road. Let your mess turn into a message by doing these suggestions:

  1. Give in – Resist no more. Acceptance is the first step to healing, to moving forward. You won’t be able to assess the reality of your present if you’re not seeing it as it is. So take it as it comes, and deal with it.
  1. Be open – To possibilities that your challenge presents. If you can’t do this, why not try that? If you’re used to doing the same things why not, get out of your comfort zone to try something new?
  1. Go out – Sometimes a change of scene will help you get a better perspective of things. Go out with friends or family. The world doesn’t have to know what you’re going through, but do share it with trusted few to unburden yourself.
  1. Network – With others going through a similar scenario. Suffering can deceive you into thinking that you’re in this alone.  But it’s a lie. Others may have it even worse. Meeting other “survivors” will help you fight and live better.
  1. Seek God – There’s a higher power that governs the way of the universe. If it’s not meant to be, it will not happen. His ways are better than our ways and His plans are way glorious than ours, so get connected to God and find out the best paths of life.

Remember, tough times never last, but tough people do. So show them what you got by fighting a good fight. The good news is that your trials could turn into triumph, if you find a way to make your problems work for you.

Don’t let this battle break you, but use it to bring out the best version of yourself.

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