I pray because God is my Refuge and Deliverer. There are times when close friends, and even our own family cannot help us.

I pray not merely because I have to, but more so because I need to. This is not merely due to obligation, but rather driven by a great need for supplication.

Gokhan Yildiz/Flickr
Photo courtesy of Gokhan Yildiz/Flickr

I pray because this way, I am learning more about God and His ways, which also help me know myself more in the process. This leads me in a path to self-discovery.

I pray not because God does not disappoint me, but because I fail in having wrong motivations and expectations. There are more important aspirations in life than just our own ambitions.

I pray because I am not the center of the universe, He is. This reminds me that my prayers is only an expression of my worship and adoration to the One who created and loved me more than anyone ever could.

I pray because I have loved and lost in so many ways. But by praying, I feel strengthened and empowered. And by faith, I gain more intangibles each passing day.


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