Through the years, I have experienced so betrayals, and rejections in life.
Those were really painful experiences, but at the same time, they were extremely insightful for me.
Had I not gone through those heart-wrenching moments, I would not have been a better man that I am today.

For the longest time, I went to great lengths and exerted my best efforts not only to progress in life, but also to prove people wrong especially.

I wanted those who mistreated and maligned me to regret what they did to me.
I wanted them to hate what they did to me as much as I hated them for quite some time.
I wanted them to hurt as much as I was hurt by their insensitive words and actions.

Needless to say, and so much to my dismay, I am actually hurting myself in the process, too. And I’m also hurting others unintentionally along the way.

By dwelling in the past, I was unable to move on well.
By lingering on my past pains, I was only rehearsing them to hurt me over and over again.
So now, I have learned my lessons well…even if I had to learn them the hard way.

Now, I no longer want to live that way.
Now, I only want to live my right kind of life as quietly as possible, and without trying to please everybody.
Now, I strive to slowly but surely move on with laser-focus towards a better and brighter future.

And if my living this way will prove people wrong eventually, then so be it. But that no longer consumes me, because ultimately, God will vindicate me.

Finally, I have learned that not until I have made peace with my past, could I only truly rise from rejections and turn my life around towards the right direction.

This is my act of contrition.

Chime in and comment.

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