Sometimes, I do wonder: Will we be better off without out struggles and sufferings,

if God would take them away? Or would we be weaker in faith and in character?

Could it be that on this side of heaven,

our reliance on God’s ways, grace,

and wisdom could make our lives better and fuller?

Adrian Pantonial - The Significance of SufferingIf you want to check out more awesome quotes like this, visit my Viral Quotes Gallery.


4 thoughts on “The Significance of Suffering

  1. Curious kuya, can you imagine a life without struggles or suffering? kasi wala lang.. what kind of life will that be? magiging super saya ba or something? hehehe.. labong comment lang

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    1. Hi, Caulfield! Thank you for leaving a comment. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a life without suffering. Having gone through a lot of it in my life thus far, I imagine life would be so dull and less challenging without suffering. 🙂


      1. Kuya Adrian, caulfield talaga? hehehe.. hindi ko pa nababago name ko pala.. anyways.. I agree… I mean, honestly, my life is completely s*** (for the lack of better term) kaya nga lang if you think about it.. nothing is worthwhile without the struggles and all.. siguro most of us.. if not all.. just really want a respite from all of it.. kahit konti lang.. hehehe

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        1. Hi, Dar! Yes, you’re right. Sometimes, it’s exhausting going through difficult times. I’ve had moments like that before. And in those times, like you, I had asked God to give me a much-needed respite from all of life’s troubles.


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