The warmth. The comfort. The tenderness. That feeling of security and bliss that comes with the sense of belonging to someone.

That voice. Those eyes. That touch. The feeling of getting lost in your own world when you’re with “the one”…with your one and only.

The look that sweeps you off your feet. The kiss that lifts you high above the ground. The caress that makes you forget everything.

2 Liisa Harmson Flickr
Photo by Liisa Harmson/Flickr

You feel vulnerable. You feel like you can and would do anything and everything for your beloved. Climb the highest mountains. Reach for the stars. Sail through distant seas. Want it all. Dare it all. Live, die, and live again if you must. Just to be with your loved one…for always…or for as long as the harsh and naive reality permits.

You feel weak and trembling at the slightest hint of disapproval or rejection from your beloved. You feel like your world would crumble without seeing or hearing your beloved. You feel like life would have no meaning without your loved one.

When you’re feeling these symptoms, you know for sure that you’ve been bitten by the love bug. You have arrived at this point where most people want to be, long to be, and desperately so.

Belonging is a gift. And not everyone gets the same time and chance as the precious few “lovers for life.” And for that reason, not everyone should compare themselves with those who do. Because we all have our own fate. Our own battle to fight. Our own life to lead. Our own mission to fulfill.

Belonging is a gift. The kind of gift that you keep on giving. And the more you give, the more you receive.

For some, belonging is not only exclusive for only one other person. For these people, their lives are an offering to many, as they lead and bleed in their solitary life, in honor to the One Giver of life.

Belonging is a gift. A kind of gift that is given, and not desperately pursued at all cost. Because the more you seize it, the more it flees. Like grains of sand you grip tightly in the palm of your hands, the more they slip through the cracks.

Permanence and belonging for life are a gift given, but something that one has to really work hard for to keep. To treasure and to hold like more than the finest gold.

Belonging is a universal need that respects no color nor age. The pursuit for it sometimes defy law and order. It calls out to anyone and anywhere. It often knows no proper time and place.

If left unchecked, the need for belonging wreaks havoc if it must. It breaks hearts, and homes, and lives…sadly and unfortunately.

But if belonging is nurtured and grown in light of true love, the kind of love that cares more for others than for self, then love would truly conquer all. Then and only then, will love always find a way…no matter what the cost.


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