sometimes, I imagine what goes on in your mind
when you see me because
you always have that strange look
that sees through me
as if you’re seeing something else
that I don’t see in myself
making me conscious of
the way that I look and talk and move
whenever you’re around
you cannot hear my heart breaking each time,
the few times, that I’m really with you
and you may not ever know it because
you’re oblivious to the fact
that I’m crazy for you,
and I really like you in so many freaking ways
you cannot, and possibly will not,
ever reciprocate because
I’m afraid, so very afraid, to ever let you know
so I’m content just loving you from a distance
and loving you is enough for me
within my comfort zone…
away from potential mockery and rejection
but simply loving you just the way I am,
just here…from the other side of the fenceLove on the Other Side of the Fence - Adrian Pantonial


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